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History of aviation: Boeing and Airbus era

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Conquering the sky was a human dream, but now a days is a reality. This past two days we take you through the history of aviation. This post will be the last one about this interesting matter. Let’s see how flights evolved along the past sixty years.

The first airplane to do a commercial flight was De Havilland Comet. Unfortunately, this plane prove to be dangerous and suffer several accidents. It won’t be until Boeing come out with its 707 that the commercial aviation took off. The American company achieved a sales record with the 707, becoming the most successful aircraft company in the world.

In 1959 Douglas began to build the Douglas DC-8. The four-engine long-range narrow-body jet airliner was a great seller form 1958 to 1972. Boeing on its behalf, built a record amount of 727, 737 and 747. The main succeed Boing made on those years was the Jumbo 747. This revolutionary airplane can hold 500 passengers, becoming the biggest plane until the Airbus 380 substituted it.

On the 70’s trijets – aircraft powered by three jet engines- started to be built. McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and Lockheed L-1011 TriStar were the first trijets and the most popular ones.

A new era started when Airbus presented it Airbus A300, a large plane with a great capacity and only powered by two motors. Almost at the same time, Boeing built its B-757 and B-767. This last one with a capacity over 200 passengers and a great efficiency; the perfect plane for transoceanic routes.

On this Airbus and Boeing era, there was a plane that made the whole difference in the commercial routes, the Concorde. This incredible and fast plane can make a flight from Paris to New York only in three hours. It goes on a cruising speed of 1,354 mph. Only 20 Concorde planes were built. They were active flying since 1975 but retired in 2003, due to a general downturn in the aviation industry after 9-11 terrorist attacks. Now a days Concords are shown in museums around the world, like in Brooklands Museum in Weybridge or Intrepid Museum in New York.

Civil aviation incorporated new technology every day. A probe of it is the new Boeing 777, the first entirely computer-designed commercial aircraft. Also the A340 the biggest airplane and efficient airplane on the market. It can fly 16,000 kilometers without landing or refueling.

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