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Living an adventure in Puerto Rico

Air Europa Puerto Rico

Every week, Air Europa flies to Puerto Rico connecting it with Madrid, and from there to forty different cities in Europe. Puerto Rico is listed by the expert as one of the top 10 Caribbean Islands to visit in the world. It natural wonders are its best resource to seduce the visitor. There are too many places to visit in Puerto Rico, but some are the best one.

Shhhh! Keep the secret and enjoy our list of the best natural landscapes in Puerto Rico:

Caño Tiburones

If you speak a little bit of Spanish, the name of this place may sound scary to you. Don’t worry! It is not. This place is a natural reservoir where 206 bird species and 40 fish species coexists. Getting around is very easily. Simple rent a boat and discover its wonders.

El Yunque

Located on the east side of the island, El Yunque, is one of the most important national parks in Puerto Rico. Its name literally means The Anvil. The landscape is mainly compose by tropical rain forest. This is a place for trekking lovers.

Humacao Natural Reservoir

The interesting Humaco landscape combining small lakes and pond with sugar cane plantations is unique in the island. Curiously, the ponds were formed after an extended flow in the 80’s. Since, now on the area is protected in order to preserve this sweet water reservoir by the national law.

Camuy River Caverns

This caves were form by the sea inside the rock core of the island. There are one of the most interesting visit in Puerto Rico, since this peculiar formation host a unique ecosystem. To visit it you have to drive to La Quebrada in Camuy.

Cabezas de San Juan Natural Reservoir

There are guide tours every half hour departing from Fajardo to visit this Puerto Rico wonder. Inside the Natural Reservoir there is a magnificent beach, a mangrove area and a lighthouse from 1880.

Caja de Muertos

This curious name is the name of a key located 5 miles away from the main island. The key is the natural habitat of many interesting sea inhabitant, like sea turtles. To get here you can take the ferry from Ponce.

Cabo Rojo Salt Lakes

This arid landscape is the home of many in danger tropical species. There is an Interpretation Center that organizes tour around the area. This a bird watches paradise.

Fly to Puerto Rico with Air Europa and discover its natural wonders! 

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