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History of aviation: Boeing and Airbus era

Vuelos Air Europa

Conquering the sky was a human dream, but now a days is a reality. This past two days we take you through the history of aviation. This post will be the last one about this interesting matter. ...

History of aviation: 1980 to 1970

Air Europa hace un repaso por la historia de la aviación

Yesterday, we were talking about the beginnings of the civil aviation. The first men intents to conquer the sky. Today the Air Europa blog continues its itinerary through the history of aviation. ...

History of aviation: the first flight

El primer vuelo de la historia de los Hermanos Wright en 1903

Since the beginning of time, humans wanted to fly like a bird. The idea of conquering the sky has been in the human mind ever. Technology has evolved and now flying from one continent to the ...

The luggage trip

Air Europa Sate Equipajes

Have you ever think about where does your luggage goes after you check them on the counter?  Let’s follow them and find it out. Every Air Europa counter counts with a computerize system called ...

Air Europa fleet

Dentro de nuestra flota tenemos 11 Airbus A330-200 y dos del modelo 300

Air Europa is proud to presents its fleet, consider one of the youngest in the world. Our airplanes are 6.35 years old average, meaning Air Europa is on the avant-garde of aircraft technology. ...