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How to pop or unplug ears while flying

Perder el miedo a volar

Suffering from clogging or pain in the ears while flying on a plane is completely normal. Landing and take-off are the most complicating moments; causing discomfort on the passenger while flying. ...

Overcoming the Fear of flying: the crew

Air Europa Vuelos Auxiliares

Canned laughter helps to accentuate the funny part of a bogus joke or scene in a show. Comedy shows used laugh track to generated laugh in the audience; sometimes they laugh on the jokes and ...

Overcoming the fear of flying: What are those sounds?

Air Europa Cursos Perdiendo el miedo a Volar

Fear of flying is a common phobia, luckily it can be overcome easily. Getting informed about the airplane functioning is important. It will help you realize that all that weird sound you are ...

Overcoming the fear of flying

Air Europa colabora con los cursos de Perdiendo el miedo a Volar

Are you scare of flying… Does your cardiac rhythm speeds just by thinking on caching a flight? We want to help you overcome your fear of flying and enjoy traveling with Air Europa. “Perdiendo ...

Carrying liquids new regulations

Air Europa Transporte Líquidos

Regarding the threat of a terrorist attack with liquids explosives in 2006, the European Union adopted new security measures to regulate the amount of liquids transported by the passenger in the ...