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Have you ever think about where does your luggage goes after you check them on the counter?  Let’s follow them and find it out.

Every Air Europa counter counts with a computerize system called SATE (Sistema Automático de Tratamiento de Equipajes). It is in charge of tracking your luggage from the counter, in and out of the plane and to the destination luggage claim area. SATE drives your luggage through the airport inner areas. It is the handling expert in Air Europa.

After you luggage is tagger on the counter area with a bar code, SATE is always capable to tell where your luggage is every moment along the way. The bar code contains information regarding you and your travel destination, associated with your travel reservation number.  This code is read by the computer and your luggage is send right the way to the x-ray scanners.

The scanners are in charge to check if anything forbidden gets into de plane. In case they found liquids or electronic equipment, the luggage is taken out of the system and check manually.

Once your luggage get the clearance, SATE sent it to the plane through a very complicated system of conveyor belts to the car responsible to take it to the plane. Then your luggage is packed inside the plane compartment, but before it has been classify in different groups depending if they belong to transit or arriving passengers.

The plane takes-off and lands, then is time for your luggage to make a trip black from the airplane to the luggage claim area.

SATE is the result of years and years of study on handling. Since its creation and implementation the percentage of luggage incidents and losts has been reduced significantly. Every year, the system is review and improve in order to create a new record of handling efficiency.

You be glad to know that Barcelona is Europe most efficient handling airport. The next time you decided to travel with Air Europa relax and enjoy your flight, you can be sure your luggage will be arriving save and sound to your destination.

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