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Let’s fly to Italy!

25 May 2022 Travel & Destinations
Gastronomía italiana

Food lovers upon visiting a new city, beyond delving into every corner and letting themselves be conquered by its culture and lifestyle, they do an exhaustive search of the most relevant gastronomic.

And as everybody knows, Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most appreciated and influential worldwide.

Summer is a great time to be conquered by Italy and its flavors.

What do you think if we review what are the most typical dishes of Rome and Milan before planning the next trip to Italy?

7 Terms from the aviation world you do not know

13 May 2022 + Europa
Avión Air Europa

Aviation is a vast universe from which we learn something new every day. Being so vast, it is made up of numerous terms that our crews use daily and are within their most used vocabulary. But maybe for you, some of these words sound like “Chinese”, while others have expanded beyond aviation and are broadly well known.

Do you want to know which words we are talking about? Let’s see how many you know!

Air Europa operates the most sustainable flight in its history

12 May 2022 + Europa
Madrid Airport Terminal 1 and 2

Air Europa made its greenest flight last Friday with the aim of continuously adopting environmentally sustainable solutions that accelerate responsible innovation and lead to reducing the impact of aviation on the environment. This initiative is part of the “The Sustainable Flight Challenge” that the SkyTeam alliance has launched to its partner airlines. The aim is for the sector to accelerate innovation and change by minimizing the impact on the environment. This challenge consists of a friendly competition between the alliance companies, which can participate in up to 14 different categories through the application of advanced responsibility solutions with the aim that the most successful ones are constantly adopted whenever possible, to move forward without compromising the environment.

There is life beyond Bogotá


Colombia is probably one of the least known countries in South America.  That is why we have decided to remove that label and immerse ourselves in a country with much to discover, beyond its better known cities such as Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena de Indias or Medellín.

Ready to be taken over by the other side of Colombia?

We launched the first airline ticket in NFT format

25 April 2022 Sin categoría @en

We announce the launch of our first ever series of airline tickets in NFT (non-fungible token) format, also known as “NFTickets“.