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11 August 2020

7 Great plans to enjoy Uruguay’s Winter

Invierno en Uruguay

For Europeans, August equals holidays, summer and heat. But can you imagine a wintry August? In South America you can find literally everything: from eternal summers to well differentiated seasons and even areas of permawinter close to the South Pole. And, because in the south everything is different, consider something new with these 7 great plans to enjoy winter in Uruguay. Change season and hemisphere! Scarf ready? Off we go! 

Winter: June to September 

Average temperature: between 14°C and 6°C 

No missumbrella or raincoat. 

1. Salto and Paysandú Hot Springs.

Winter, yes, yes. And although it might seem crazy, we suggest you take a bath in the outdoor pools. Where? Salto, in the north of the country, is home to the Daymán, Arapey and Salto Grande hot springs. Nearby, in Paysandú, are GuaviyúAlmirón and San Nicanor. Their waters oscillate between 34 and 45 centigrade degrees and have soothing and healing properties. In Arapey you can also bathe in the waters that spring from the mouth of the hot springs, contemplating the river of the same name in front of you. It’s spectacular!

2. River Tourism  

The Painted Birds’ Corridor is the western region of the country and encompasses the departments and cities through which the Uruguay River flows. Fully navigable, in the southern area of ​​the river near its mouth in the Río de la Plata, is where you can live this nautical experience on your trip to Uruguay’s winter. National Parks, protected areas, and even visit the oldest European settlement in the country: Villa Soriano, founded in 1624. Remember! This small country has more than 20 rivers and many of them can be sailed

3. Rural Estancias  

Planning a family vacation discovering rural tourism in Uruguay is also a great idea. Rural villas or Estancias allow you to experience the rural lifestyle first-hand and take part in them. Their customs and traditions will constitute one of the most genuine experiences that you can experience as a tourist in Uruguay. 

Some of the establishments such as El Valle del Hilo de la Vida offer guided tours of the area adapted to every age. A wonder that you can’t miss is the Aguila Blanca Estancia, in Lavalleja. Calm, nature, aromas, sounds and dream landscapes. There are many more!

4. Rocha, winter beaches 

Undoubtedly, a winter essential in Uruguay is the sighting of the southern franc whale in the Rocha Department. These waters are ideal for mating, giving birth and to provide the first care to their young. But there are more plans! Visit the beach, in winter and on horseback! The Rocha cavalcades are known for how spectacular and surprising they are. It will be just you, your horse, miles of sand and the ocean. What do you think? 

5. Palacio Grottoes 

Less than three hours from Montevideo you can travel back to ancient times, visiting this construction that lasts in time and the aborigines used as a dwelling: Las Grutas del Palacio. The Flores Department is the home of these geological formations, integrated by more than 200 columns, a labyrinthic distribution and recognized by UNESCO. The Palacio Grottoes are the second largest Geopark in South America

6. Tango, the “new” fashion 

Bacán“, “malandra“, “yira” … Words from everyday life in Uruguay, tango words. It’s not just a dance or a musical style. It’s a culture rooted in Río de la Plata and that is part of the essence of this country. The Golden Age of tango was in the 40s and for more than a decade it’s made quite a comeback, attracting young people who dance with the same passion as their grandparents.

Whether you want to dance, learn, practice or just admire it, we advise you to take a tour of Montevideo’s Old CityTanguerías like El Milongón or the famous Fun Fun Bar will play not only tangos but also milongascandombes and Uruguayan folklore. An orchestra, a bandoneon and a glass of Tannat wine will make the night fantastic. 

7. Montevideo at night 

If you don’t know the cultural proffer of the capital of Uruguay, we invite you to discover it during the day but later, when sunset comes and lights turn on, it’ll be time to glimpse the silhouette of this ancient, cosmopolitan, colonial and innovative city.  

Just travel its 23 kilometers coast and you’ll find different architectural styles reflecting the history of the city, as well as parks, marinas, squares, and modern buildings such as the World Trade Center.

Surely there are many more than just 7 plans to enjoy winter in Uruguay, but today we give you the basics to organize a different trip. 

Uruguay awaits you with open arms. Check our offers on flights to Montenvideo from Madrid and the main European capitals and don’t think twice. We are looking forward to flying you there! 

Alicia Ratto