29 April 2020

7 travel apps you shouldn’t miss

apps para viajar

Can you imagine nowadays traveling without your mobile? It would be like walking without socks in the middle of the winter. We wouldn’t even be able to show our digital boarding pass. And, traveling with your mobile but with no apps? Inconceivable, we have one app for every situation. Definitely, mobile and travel apps are indispensable.

You can’t imagine how many Travel Apps there are to make our trips much more comfortable, safer, planned, fun, … in short, better! Keep on reading and discover our 7 favorite travel apps.

Plan your trip with Minube

One of the first Apps we use for every trip is Minube. Because before traveling, it’s always good to decide where to go and how to get there. In this app, you’ll find thousands of comments, ratings and recommendations from fellow travelers about their experiences and adventures. There are also recommendations for tours, guided visits, restaurants, accommodation, … It’s great!

PackPoint takes care of your luggage

Surely you’ve ever reached your destination and opened your luggage, only to discover you had forgotten precisely what you were looking for. With PackPoint this won’t happen again. You only have to chose your destination, the dates of your trip, if you’re traveling for business or leisure, and the app will do all the hard work. PackPoint will recommend the amount and type of clothing for you to carry. It will even remind you to pack your umbrella as it comes with a weather forecast. You can share all the information via email or WhatsApp. Your friends and family will hallucinate!

Maps.me, one of the best apps not to loose your way.

One of the biggest concerns when renting a car abroad is not knowing your way around. Maps.me is the perfect solution. With this app, you can download maps by geographical area and most interesting, works without mobile data. You can find your way in any country thanks to Maps.me. And the best, it’s completely free!

Find the best plans with Kolaboo

To enjoy your destination to the fullest and don’t get bored even for a second, Kolaboo shows you the perfect plans. You can search and compare a selection of activities you can book online, sorting and filtering by dates and preferences. Find the best excursions, visits and guided tours all around the world!

Move around with Citymapper

To move around like a pro in every city, download Citymapper, Apple’s Best Travel App for five consecutive years. This well rounded app provides you with all the information on public transportation in 39 cities around the globe: Lisbon, London, Milan , Amsterdam and many more. And if you prefer alternative means of transport, it will also show you available bikes for hire and car rentals by minutes. Everything is available without mobile data.

Sending postcards with Touchnote

If you like a vintage touch, you’re lucky. With Touchnote you can send postcards the old-fashioned way from your mobile! Send postcards to your friends, family and team mates  with your best pictures and memories. You know what they say, if the others don’t know, it’s like you haven’t traveled. We know it’s not the usual Travel App but we find it very original.

FLIO, ideal for the airport

Last but not least is FLIO. Forget the stress of not knowing how long it will take you to the boarding gate. In a single app you will find information about 3,000 airports around the world, security controls, updated flight data, shops, restaurants and maps to easily move around the boarding area.

With this wide choice of Travel Apps at your fingertips, if you don’t travel it’s because you don’t want to.  And you, what’s your selection of Travel Apps?

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