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6 June 2018

8 Essential things to see in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Alemania

Düsseldorf is a German city known as the most cosmopolitan city in Germany and is the third destination we travel to in the country. The Rhine runs through the city and it is home to buildings from the architectGehry. The Düsseldorf carnivals and the old beer known as Altbier are very famous. The large number of restaurants and bars offer a great atmosphere on the terraces for both tourists and locals. Do not miss the 8 best things to see in Düsseldorf


Altstadt means old town and is the most famous neighbourhood in the city of  Düsseldorf. It is known for its small houses, alleyways, lively squares and for the large pedestrian area where you can take a quiet stroll and admire the charming old houses. In Altstaft you can see the city hall which has different architectural styles and a large statue of the famous figure Jamm Wellen. If you want to really appreciate the city’s charm, you cannot miss a boat ride!


It is the oldest public park in Germany and is known as the green lung of the city.    If you are looking for some peace, quiet and fresh air on your holidays, then this park will help you to enjoy the natural surroundings. But if you’re looking for some fun and entertainment, you can also find it here as the park holds weekly concerts.


It is a 240 metre high telecommunications tower with an observation deck that is open to the public.   Its main appeal is a light sculpture on its shaft that works as a watch. Did you know that it is the biggest digital clock in the world?

If you consider yourself a bit of a night owl, in the evening you can see lights moving along the tower.

Also, according to Tripadvisor, you can enjoy its restaurant with one of the best views of Düsseldorf.

Benrath Palace

The Benrath Palace was built in a Baroque style and served as a summer residence and hunting lodge. A stroll through the gardens that surround the palace is a must. You cannot go without seeing the three museums inside as they show the uses and traditions of the palace. Due to the beauty of the site, the palace has been nominated to become a UNESCO world heritage site.

St Lambertus Church 

It is a Gothic church with relics of the patron saint of Düsseldorf and is one of the symbols of the city due to its twisting tower.  If you like art, inside you can enjoy one of the best art exhibitions. The church is consecrated to St Lambert who was killed in Liège in the year 705 for his religious beliefs and whose relics are kept in a casket found inside the building. An example of the Germans’ great sense of humour is the fact that the tower has not been straightened yet.


Ideal for those wanting to go shopping as it is the most elegant shopping street in Germany.  The street is located in the city centre and is divided in the middle by a canal. So regardless of if you want to go shopping or not, you can still enjoy a pleasant walk.

Rhine Beach

This beach is ideal for both couples looking for peace and quiet, as well as families with children due to the number of green spaces along the shore, giving children plenty of space to play.   There is also a paved area to go cycling, skating or simply enjoy a walk with the sea breeze.


To truly discover the heart of the city, this neighbourhood has to be in your guidebook. It is located on an island on the Rhine and although it was thought to be destroyed, the old chapel still remains. It is an interesting place as it has changed hands during the different wars that the city has suffered.

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