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5 October 2020

Air Europa flies towards environmental sustainability


We comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) objective of improving flight efficiency by 2% per year.

Compliance with laws and regulations, emissions reduction, high standards in operational safety, emissions compensation programs, environment friendly products on board or investment in R&D are, among others, some of the axes that withstand our unshakeable commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and with the 10 principles of the Global Evironmental Pact.

Our annual Sustainability report reflects a variety of measures, taken in the framework of our 2030 Roadmap, to reinforce our status as a sustainable and socially responsible airline.

We are a benchmark for the sector with our environmental management model and the prestigious Eco Management AuditSystem (EMAS) certificate,. We have more than 20 environmental indicators, under constant analysis to  minimize our environmental print. In line with the strategic goal of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), last year we improved flight efficiency by 2.3%.

In addition, thanks to our Dreamliner fleet, the most efficient aircraft in the world, we have managed to reduce fuel consumption per ton-km on our long-haul flights by more than 11% compared to 2016.

Our dedication to sustainability translates in our firm commitment to reducing single-use plastic on board, decreasing the consumption of natural resources and controlling waste management, among others, to minimize the negative impact on our environment.  

The improvements over the years reflect our commitment. Paper consumption decreased by 10% vs. our historical average. Over the past year we carried out dozens of inspections to verify waste segregation compliance, and training workshops to improve waste management and promote its reduction. We also reached the Finals of the Onboard Hospitality awards under the “best sustainability onboard” category.

We stand against climate change and fly towards environmental sustainability.

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