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20 January 2022

Air Europa Increases Gastronomic Offer on Board its Dreamliner Aircraft

Air Europa is increasing its gastronomic offer on all long-haul flights departing from Madrid, and operated by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This new measure aims to increase passenger satisfaction and improve the overall flight experience.

The airline, whose goal is to achieve excellence on board, now allows Economy class passengers flying to any transatlantic destination to choose between three new and exclusive menus or to keep the standard meal included in their bookings prior to departure.

The three new menus can be purchased from the moment the booking is finalised, and up to 24 hours prior to departure. They have been created with the freshest, best quality ingredients, and the wide range of options aims to satisfy all palates and cater to every passenger’s needs.

Passengers can choose between the Coliseum menu (inspired by Italian Trattorias), the Healthy menu (for passengers looking for an even more balanced option), or the Little Havana menu, which is based on comfort food. In addition, every single one of these menus also comes with a healthy snack, which passengers can savour at any point during their flight.

Passengers can pre-purchase these menus through the Air Europa Call Centre (+34 911 401 501), at any Air Europa Sales desk, or also through the website at Passengers wishing to select their meals through the website will receive a confirmation email after the payment has been processed, and once on board, they will be served the requested option.

This service improvement has been complemented by the implementation of a pre-booking service for all Fly&Eat combos offered by Air Europa, so that passengers can also enjoy a variety of snacks during the flight.

Advanced purchases, which are a way to ensure full availability of the desired products on board, also help regulate the load control process and improve environmental performance. In addition, the airline has also opted to serve its new gastronomic offering in biodegradable packaging and materials, in order to reaffirm its firm commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sandra Lenis, Air Europa’s Product and Client Director, stated that “at Air Europa, we are constantly working on improving passenger experience on board, it is one of our core values. We have increased our gastronomic offering on board in order to be able to cater to every passenger’s needs and culinary preferences and guarantee the most unique flying experience on board. Being able to pre-select meal options before the flight is one of the additional advantages that we offer to our passengers so that they can personalise their experience, and which gives the airline the added value we strive to provide through our services”.

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