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10 June 2021

Air Europa Integrates Bizum as New Payment Method

Air Europa has opted for the integration of payment method Bizum when booking flights through the website in order to improve customer experience, and with its firm commitment to innovation always in mind.

Air Europa is the first Spanish airline to include Bizum in its payment gateway: the aim is to offer a wider range of secure payment methods in order to simplify the checkout process, so that customers can choose the easiest, most convenient way to pay. 

The agreement reached between Air Europa and Santander España Merchant Services (subsidiary of Santander Bank, which manages all payments of the entity), has allowed for the integration of Bizum to our payment gateway, and stays in line with our firm commitment to digital innovation with a strong focus on customer service.

Customers wishing to use Bizum as their form of payment must have previously activated the service through their mobile banking app or website. Once registered, users can make the payment in a completely secure and convenient manner through Air Europa’s website.

All it takes to finalise the booking process is to select Bizum as the payment method, enter the phone number linked to the account, and validate the purchase through the relevant banking app. Users can also choose to enter the 4-digit Bizum code, which can similarly be accessed through the customer’s banking app.

The formalisation of this agreement has been rated as highly satisfactory by Yago Casasnovas, who manages payments and fraud prevention at Air Europa. When asked about the benefits arising from this partnership, he stated that “at Air Europa, we have been following the evolution of Bizum as a new payment method between private parties, its rapid growth among the general public and its recent adaptation to retail payments very closely. We are convinced that the integration of Bizum to the Air Europa website will help us reactivate our activity thanks to the the confidence that the product has created among our clients, and the new and simplified payment process in place. Santander’s solid experience has also facilitated the integration of this new payment method in our purchasing process”. 

For Casasnovas, “becoming the first airline in Spain to integrate Bizum as a new payment method puts Air Europa in a privileged position in terms of technological innovation at the service of our customers”. 

Similarly, Bizum’s General Manager Ángel Nigorra and Santander España Merchand Services’s General Manager Rubén Justel have also rated the agreement as highly beneficial for both parties. Nigorra explained that “moving forward, Air Europa users will be able to pay for their flights in a faster, more convenient and secure manner with Bizum. Good things are coming for Air Europa, and at Bizum we are delighted to be working with a company at the forefront of innovation, which is clearly emphasising its commitment to its customers by making things easier through a simplified booking process and an improved customer experience overall”.

Rubén Justel  added that “we are very much looking forward to helping Air Europa become the first airline to integrate this new payment method with an unbeatable purchasing experience, which has recently become so popular in Spain. E-commerce has experienced a major boom over the past year, and our goal is to keep helping businesses by facilitating the use of a safe and straightforward payment method for their customers. This development is undoubtedly going to enhance Air Europa’s position in the digital world”. 

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