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10 September 2021

Air Europa offers lasting protection from bacteria and viruses on board thanks to antimicrobial technology

Air Europa is moving towards the new normal by implementing advanced security measures with the aim of improving the comfort, health and wellbeing of passengers onboard. The reinstatement of “Fly & Eat” on-board catalogues is a prime example of the airline’s latest goal: moving forward, passengers can once again browse food and beverage menus, which have all been treated with antimicrobial technology to ensure maximum safety on board.

The new food and beverage menus, which are now available on all short, medium and long-haul flights operated by Boeing, have been treated with an antibacterial coating which guarantees an antiviral efficacy of over 84%, and a 99% efficacy rate against bacteria. The implementation of this new technology stays in line with ISO Standard 21702, which sets the guidelines for antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

This antimicrobial technology has been developed by external and independent laboratories in order to reinforce the additional protection provided by this active element, as opposed to other materials not having been treated with this special coating.

This measure, implemented jointly with Gaterail (Gategroup member), makes Air Europa the first Spanish airline to count with antimicrobial protection for all its paper catalogues on board. This new measure falls within the framework of the airline’s new objectives in order to transition into the “new normal”, by always prioritising passenger safety and wellbeing. Air Europa also counts with digital brochures, so that passengers who wish to do so can scan a QR code and browse all menus on their personal devices.

Air Europa has also implemented additional measures in order to bolster passenger confidence and peace of mind: all aircraft are subjected to a very strict cleaning protocol with products endorsed by European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which can eliminate any viruses on board, including COVID-19. Other examples include the airline’s new boarding and disembarking procedures, the separation between passengers on board when possible, or the possibility to manage all booking-related queries online. In addition, Air Europa’s modern fleet is also equipped with HEPA filters, which capture and eliminate virus-containing particles with a 99.9% efficacy rate.

To ensure passengers can book their next big trip with complete confidence, Air Europa has also adopted a flexible fare policy, which allows passengers to cater all aspects of their journey to their needs. This new set of measures reinforce the airline’s commitment to offer each customer the safest, most flexible flight experience at the best price.

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