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10 July 2019

Air Europa, Official Airline Partner of MADO 2019


This year, we are endorsing MADO 2019, the LGBT community’s Pride Parade taking place in downtown Madrid, as the Official Airline Partners. With our own parade float and the slogan “choose your destination“, we will be taking to the streets and expressing our support to the set of values defended by Gay Pride.

We want our customers to feel free to express who they are at all times. As a company, our goal is to differenciate ourselves and identify Air Europa as an airline that celebrates diversity and inclusion, while breaking away from outdated models and visions. For this reason, not only will we participate in the Pride Parade, but we will also be playing an active role and carrying out multiple actions to support this movement and be at the forefront of ensuring equality.

A 10% discount will be applied when booking flights to Madrid from any Air Europa destination through our website, in order to provide passengers wishing to attend the Pride Parade 2019 with greater and better flight options.

We will also be publishing messages of diversity, freedom and tolerance relevant to the airline industry with the hashtag #ChooseYourDestination during the Gay Pride Parade. In addition, we will be giving away two return flights through our Instagram account, so make sure to follow us at @aireuropa!

Air Europa’s parade float theme this year is about coming out as gay later in life, and to honour the historic memory of the LGBT community, some of Spain’s celebrities and influencers will be joining us. Actress Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, journalist Carlota Corredera and actors Antonio Velazquez and Fran Perea will all be riding our parade float, along with Air Europa employees.

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