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28 October 2022

Air Europa, towards a sustainable future 

Our road map has us on a destination we have been working on for years: a sustainable future. For a long time now, we have been committed to making changes to our processes that allow us to be more sustainable and to fly towards a green future

At the end of each year, we analyse the results and define the keys to making sure that Air Europa is flying towards a sustainable future every day.  Today, we’ll tell you what we’re doing to achieve that. 

Environmental Commitment 

Being more sustainable entails a real commitment to Sustainability and the Environment. Lowering aeroplane emissions, reducing the amount of plastic on board, increasing natural resources and managing waste are some of the points we have been working on for a long time. 

Each of them involves changes, which is why we work with the company’s staff every day, since by getting everyone involved, we can achieve a sustainable future

The certifications obtained as a result of having an Integrated Management System to use resources more efficiently underscore the work we have been doing. 

Emissions control: our fleet 

Air Europa currently has 18 Boeing Dreamliners for long-haul routes.

Built of 50% composites by weight, their materials and aerodynamic design result in up to 20% lower emissions. This aircraft also helps with noise pollution, reducing its impact by 60%.  

Sustainability on board: yes, we can. 

Thanks to the changes made on board our aircraft, we can say that the bottom line for 2021 was positive and that the improvements contribute to the idea of being more sustainable. Our passengers were able to see first-hand the steps we’ve taken, such as: 

  • Napkins made of recycled paper 
  • Paper doily trays with the FSC* (Forest Stewardship Council) seal 
  • Paper doilies made of recycled material or FSC certified 
  • Individual water cartons 
  • Set of compostable plastic cutlery 
  • Set of wooden cutlery 
  • Cardboard glasses 
  • Bamboo containers in Business Class 

Our partners in this project: our suppliers. 

Surrounding ourselves with professionals involved in sustainability and the environment is essential if we are to be a more sustainable company. We thrive on their commitment and their desire to work for a green future. That is why at Air Europa, we have set up an information system to track and evaluate the environmental specifications needed to efficiently manage our operations

From using electric vehicles to service our planes, to waste management in our offices. 

Zephyrus: sustainable flight. 

On 6 May 2022, we participated in a SkyTeam initiative in which all the airlines took part in a sustainable flight project. The efforts and use of all the resources available, as well as the involvement of all the departments and staff concerned, turned Zephyrus into a source of pride for Air Europa, and the model for the sustainable future that we strive for every day. 

The power to continue working to be more sustainable lies within us. We are committed to sustainability, to the environment, and to transforming our efforts into the best experience for our passengers.

Alicia Ratto

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