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5 February 2020

Air Europa’s new zone boarding

We’ve got news for you! From now Air Europa flights will be using a new system of boarding zones so that you can get aboard the plane quickly and comfortably. Here are all the details so that you know how it works when you arrive at the airport. Get ready for Air Europa’s new zone boarding. Welcome on board!

Before we start, here are the advantages

➡️ Are you travelling with a baby or do you require special assistance?

If so, you have priority for boarding. What does this mean? It will be easier for you. Travelling with children can be a challenge, but now you can be first to board the plane. If you are travelling with a wheelchair or need special assistance, you can also board before the other passengers.

➡️ Fluid and comfortable boarding

Faster and better organized boarding means you will get on the plane easily and in good order, helping to make the flight more pleasant. 

Most of the major companies that use this system see the benefits of boarding by zones every day, both for the passengers and the airline itself. We are starting this system as part of SkyTeam, and it is expected to be fully operational in all the airlines of the alliance before the end of 2020.. 

How do I know my boarding zone?

The boarding zones define the order of access to the plane. We have seen that this is the best, easiest and most comfortable way

From now on, the first thing to do is to check your boarding card for the “zone” you are assigned to. 1, 2, 3 or 4. How do I identify my boarding zone? This information is shown on the card itself 

Important! Your zone will always be specified, regardless of whether you check in via the appweb or directly at the airport.

Information about the boarding zone on boarding cards: web and app
Boarding card issued at the airport

The boarding process

The procedure for boarding the plane will be announced on the loudspeakers and the orientation signs will help to access the plane using the new system. Remember! The boarding zones are already assigned, so there is no need to queue up before your zone starts boarding

Orientation signs at the boarding gate

More advantages! Not only are we changing the boarding system, we are also adding benefits for you. When the Sky Priority passengers have boarded, if you are only carrying hand luggage (which has been tagged by the staff at the boarding gate with a blue label), you can also access this zone

If you regularly fly Business Class or are an Elite Plus passenger, you only need to remember that you are always assigned to Zone 1. It is just as easy if you are an Elite passenger or have booked our  Priority Boarding service: Zone 2. Other passengers will always board in Zone 3 or Zone 4, depending on the row where their seats are. 

Now you are ready for your next trip! We’ll see you at the boarding gate. See you soon!

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Alicia Ratto