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28 June 2018

Air Europa wins Airline of the Year Award 2018

Airline of the Year Award, air europa UK

We are proud to announce that after being shortlisted in the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) Achievement Awards, Air Europa has been chosen as the winner of the Airline of the Year Award 2018. The awards’ ceremony took place in London on 11th June, during Experience Latin America, a B2B travel event bringing together key suppliers from Latin America with buyers from the UK and Europe.

LATA is comprised of over 340 members, including tourism boards, airlines, hotels, tour operators, representation companies and the travel press. Its main goal is to promote and grow travel to Latin America, while encouraging best practice and increasing standards across all aspects of travel in the continent.

The consolidation of Air Europa’s presence in this key region has turned us into the Latin American specialist airline. Many reasons led LATA to award the accolade, which aims to recognise excellence in the air transport industry, to Air Europa.

Air Europa’s fleet renovation plan was one of the main reasons: as a result of the airline’s investment in the Dreamliner aircraft, acclaimed for superior on-board comfort and facilities, we are now operating one of the world’s most modern fleets. Our healthy menus, exceptional environmental performance and breakthrough technology, which have significantly improved the air travel experience, were also highlighted during the ceremony.

Air Europa’s commitment to sustainability, one of the most important values promoted by LATA, was also key to our success in the Awards: our new Dreamliners are all manufactured with 50% compound materials and give a 20 per cent reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions, as well as a 60 per cent reduction in noise.

Air Europa is very proud to have won this award, as it recognises all the hard work continuously put into the quality improvements carried out at the airline, enabling us to offer our passengers the best service every single day.

So, if you wish to experience the most relaxing, comfortable and unforgettable journey, you know which award-winning airline to fly with! Choose your destination, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll see you on board!

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  1. Elinow says:

    Four flights this year with Air Europa, all four of them arrived on time. Besides that: checking in online was a nigthmare. Despite my preference stated as a SkyMiles FF, the places I was offered were the exact opposite. The planes (new Dreamliners) were dirty, bathrooms filthy. The food was far from good (in the long flights, as the two mid-range flights, TLV-MAD and MAD-TLV, 5 hours each, had no food served. Bought a sandwich, they offered to heat it and it took 25 minutes!). No miles were awarded at all. Same month, the entertainment was the same flying westward or eastward. The call center in Buenos Aires didn´t help at all. Much as I appreciate departing and arriving on time, the “Airline of the year” is in a deep dissonance with my own experience.

    1. Air Europa UK Air Europa UK says:

      We are sorry to hear that your experience with Air Europa was not satisfactory, it is the exact opposite of what we pride ourselves on. We value our customers and understand how important it is to offer exceptional service. With regards to your issue with the seats, these are assigned randomly to each passenger, unless they opt for the seat selection, which is available at an extra cost. As for the Tel Aviv flight, we do not serve food on our mid-haul flights currently, although it is available to purchase on board. Lastly, our movie selection is updated every month, so this would explain the same entertainment options on your outbound and inbound flights. I would like to thank you for bringing your experience to our attention, it will help us improve our operations and services.

  2. Denis says:

    I just had terrible experience with Europa 05 August 2018 – it’s the worst customer service ever. I did not get on the flight because of technical glitches promoting series of crashes when processing boarding pass. Reached JFK and went straight to security gate and the boarding pass could t load hence I was told to go back to the kiosk to
    Print or talk to the airline agent. Upon getting to the counter the sales agent were just leaving and they told me they cannot help me cause they rent desks for period of time processing time and they are closed. At this time it was 9pm and the flight departure was at 20:22 then they provided me with number to call. I called 10 times with More than 40 min on hold to no avail . When I called Friday the 03 rd -two days before my flight to report web and app crashes -the salesperson I spoke to acknowledged the technical issues with their website and said since Madrid -Malaga boarding pass went through everything should be ok. After calling for an hour and out on hold I finally got through to the sale agent and I explained my case and then he hanged up
    On me after saying he can’t retrieve my info. I reached on time at the airport and since Friday 03 the website and app had been crashing. i enjoyed flying with them
    On my outbound flight to New York on the 11 th May

  3. walraf says:

    I cannot agree with the “airline of the year”
    I traveled business from Buenos aires to Brussels: The food was just acceptable , the crew was fantastic but the flight between Madrid and Brussels was just ganga : a broken curtain to separe Economy and business/ broken old seats/ very dirty and food for bagers.
    I complained about it but the answer was: IT S LIKE THAT!!!!!!

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