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Sailing the Mediterranean bound for the Greek islands.


Cycladic, Ionian, Aegean, Dodecanese. Wherever you look at them, you will know we are talking about the famous Greek islands. With their typical white houses, windmills and blue roofs blending ...

Let’s fly to Italy!

Gastronomía italiana

Food lovers upon visiting a new city, beyond delving into every corner and letting themselves be conquered by its culture and lifestyle, they do an exhaustive search of the most relevant ...

7 Terms from the aviation world you do not know

Avión Air Europa

Aviation is a vast universe from which we learn something new every day. Being so vast, it is made up of numerous terms that our crews use daily and are within their most used vocabulary. But ...

There is life beyond Bogotá


Colombia is probably one of the least known countries in South America.  That is why we have decided to remove that label and immerse ourselves in a country with much to discover, beyond its ...

Ecuador, an incredible country wherever you look at it.


It is not difficult to guess out that its name is given because of the famous line of Ecuador, which crosses the country dividing it into the two hemispheres. But beyond the geographic notions, ...