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Destinations where the sun always shines

Who is not excited to travel to an area where the weather is better than in their country of origin? Arrive tanned, relaxed and having enjoyed some wonderful days under the sun. To do this, ...

The 5 most curious airports in the world

Los 5 aeropuertos más curiosos del mundo

Flying is a very exciting experience in itself. The moments before the trip, the unsurpassed feeling of taking off and the excitement we feel when landing. But, if our journey begins or ends at ...

How to enjoy rural tourism

disfrutar del turismo rural

Rural tourism is one of the traveling trends more in fashion over the past years and it is, for sure, an interesting alternative for everyone. It is a sustainable, healthy, safe and enjoyable way ...

The best of Bilbao, a city to discover

Bilbao offers great food, refreshing swims on its untamed beaches and it will soak your afternoons with good wine. It is the capital of Biscay, a grateful city mistakenly famous for its rain. ...

Air Europa flies towards environmental sustainability


We comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) objective of improving flight efficiency by 2% per year.