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Air Europa flies towards environmental sustainability


We comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) objective of improving flight efficiency by 2% per year.

When in doubt, Surf in Fuerteventura


As every surfer would say, “when in doubt, always paddle”. This great motto should go further and end with: “… and if you don’t know where to surf, always go for Fuerteventura”. ...

The best of the Mallorca’s northern coast

AirEuropa_Costa Norte Mallorca

If there is something good about traveling is that, in the end, you understand that the best things in life are not material. And the best of life is full of the north coast of Mallorca. So, if ...

The best of Panama’s Old Town

Panama’s Old Town is a place full of contrasts and curiosities, pristine stately buildings next to spoilt palaces. The best thing about it are their beautiful contradictions. It has that ...

The best cycling routes in Spain

Have you ever considered cycling tourism? For lovers of outdoor sports, Spain offers a wide variety of routes. The weather conditions and the great variety of landscapes in a relatively small ...