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26 July 2019

Benefit from code-shares when flying with Air Europa

At Air Europa we want to help make your travel plans a reality, and thanks to our code-share alliances, we can offer you an extensive network of destinations. Make the most of Air Europa’s code-share flights to discover all five continents, benefitting from the best offers from our partner companies. Would you like to know more? Let us explain how it works.

Code-shares are agreements between airlines that help you to plan your journey. Air Europa currently has more than 20 agreements that will let you travel to cities across the world. Jakarta, Sydney, Egypt, Moscow, San Diego and Bariloche in Argentina are just some of the fascinating destinations you can explore on a single air ticket. Enjoy the benefits of code-share when you fly with Air Europa.

Differences: flight number and airline that operates the flight

With more than 90 possible destinations, thanks to this type of agreement you can travel all around the world. In this type of arrangement, an associate airline operates the flight but the tickets are sold by Air Europa with flight numbers UX2000 and UX300. These specific numbers differentiate them from other flights and identify them as shared codes with another airline. This is specified when you book your flight and buy your ticket, on the itinerary information and at the airport.

Better connections

You’ve decided where you want to travel to and where you need to depart from, but wouldn’t it be better if you could fly direct from your nearest city? The advantage of flying code-share with Air Europa and other airlines, whether directly or with a connecting flight from your own city, is that you can start your journey from your closest airport.

Can I send my luggage to my final destination?

Another of the advantages of flying shared code is that your luggage will be checked in at the beginning of your trip and you won’t have to pick it up until you reach your final destination, even if you’re flying with different airlines. There might be some exceptions depending on the customs rules in certain countries, but rest assured that we can provide you with this information before your trip.

Which of the two airlines can I contact if I have a query?

The airline you buy your ticket from will always be in charge of handling the price and conditions regarding changes, cancellations or similar. And the airline you actually fly with will be responsible for establishing the luggage rules and offering special travel services and customer service at the airport and on-board the flight. When you get to the airport, you should always head to the check-in desks of the airline you’re flying with, regardless of whether you bought your ticket from a different airline.

SkyTeam frequent flyers

The companies in the SkyTeam alliance work together to offer great benefits to passengers who fly code-share. Take advantage of our code-share flights and earn and spend air miles on flights operated by other airlines, while enjoying SkyPriority and VIP lounges, with a pick of the 19 airlines that make up the alliance.

Flying code-share with Air Europa is currently a great option for passengers. Choose your destination at The world’s your oyster!

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