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29 September 2022

Carry-on luggage, everything you need to know

Whether it’s for convenience or to save time, today’s passengers agree on one thing: taking carry-on luggage and travelling without checked baggage. Over the years everything changes, and the way we travel does too. Social networks are part of this change and provide ideas and suggestions you can organise yourself perfectly with. From outfits so you won’t need many clothes, to techniques for making your suitcase a bottomless pit and taking a lot in little space.  Get ready to take notes. Let’s go!

Our passengers are dealing with a new travel style these days, many of them without checked baggage, which is leading to an increase in carry-on luggage.  At Air Europa, we’re aware of this and our new boarding by zone system has been designed to make access to the plane easier and make the process more convenient, faster and easier.

What are the steps for boarding with carry-on luggage?

➡️ Our colour is blue, and now yours is as well! You’ll note that what you can fit below the seat in front of you is identified with blue labels. What’s the advantage? If you’re only travelling with luggage with the blue tag, you’ll be given priority when boarding using SkyPriority access.  Our ground staff will make a call letting you know when you can use this priority access.

➡️ Airport staff can tell you if your luggage needs to be put in the hold if there isn’t enough room for all of the carry-on luggage in the cabin. In this case, it will be marked with a special tag so you can pick it up from the baggage carousel when you get to your destination.

➡️ The luggage compartments are intended for carry-on luggage, so coats are always better with you in your seat. You can also take your mobile phone with you, a book, laptop or tablet.

Packing your suitcase

Even Marie Kondo has a method for packing your suitcase. These kinds of techniques combined with the fact that devices these days are light and flat means that you won’t have to think much about what to bring. Liquid, batteries, electronic components, Zippo-style lighters, scissors, etc. These are prohibited items you cannot board a plane with, and therefore you need to pay more attention to them.

You can find countless suitcase models on the market for carry-on luggage that let you take up to the 10 kg allowed with the dimensions accepted on board our planes:55x35x25cm, or with the sum of the three dimensions not exceeding 115cm. Linear.

Carry-on luggage on ATR72 planes.

Keep in mind that if the flight is on an ATR 72 model plane (inter-island and some other domestic flights) due to the size of the plane’s cabin and depending on how full the flight is, only suitcases not exceeding 55x35x20cm will be accepted. The rest of the baggage will go in the hold as checked baggage at no additional cost to you.

At the boarding gate you will be told where to drop it off to then pick it up easily as soon as you land. However, remember that on ATR 72 flights, the maximum accepted weight is 8 kg. Laptop, tablet, your handbag or a coat can travel with you in the cabin. You can check up-to-date information on our website.

When you start your trip remember that staff at the boarding gate is at your service to answer any questions you might have. Similarly, you can find useful information on our website or you can contact our customer service department, either by phone or on Facebook or Twitter.

Alicia Ratto