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22 April 2020

Ceará beaches in Brazil: journey to a natural paradise

Let’s imagine: we’re now in Brazil, caipirinha, carnivals, bikinis and good fun land. Its beaches don’t need more sand, no way! There’s plenty, it’s white and has positive energy. Keep reading, because we’re going to show you some of the most amazing beaches in the world and they’re all in Ceará, Brazil.

Let’s go!

Location: Brazil, State of Ceará
Currency: Brazilian Real (RS)
Language: Portuguese

Let’s start at the beginning. For those who’ve not heard of Ceará, here are a couple of geographical hints. Ceará is the north eastern state of Brazil and borders with the Atlantic Ocean and Fortaleza, which is the Capital. Ceará has various beaches rated among the best in the world, according to The Washington Post newspaper. In this article we’re going to explore three of these beaches: Jericoacoara, Canoa Quebrada and Cumbuco.

Ceará beaches: Jericoacoara

In Jijoca de Jericoacoara, we could say, and wouldn’t be wrong, that all the roads lead to the beach. This small town, north east of Brazil and 300 kilometres away from Fortaleza, has some of the most beautiful natural places in the world. Roads paved with sand, a warm tropical climate, a marvellous natural landscape and the incredible Jericoacoara, Jeri Beach. To get there is already an incredible adventure; to cross the dunes people normally go in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and takes about an hour. But it is worthwhile visiting Jericoacoara, because it is situated within a dreamlike National Park. It used to be a fishing village and still keeps (and actively fights for it!) its authentic spirit and natural rustic charm, despite the touristic boom.

Pedra Furada / Jericoacoara / Ceará / Brasil
Pedra Furada, Jericoacoara

If you travel to this marvellous beach in Brazil, a real must is to visit the Duna do por do sol and see how the sun falls on the sea when captivated by the incredible sunset. Now just get a couple of drinks to finish off and climax the day, you won’t need anything else. But be careful with the wind because sand+wind together can spoil this unforgettable moment.  Another must in Jericoacoara is to visit the famous Pedra Furada, it’s quite a walk (about 3 kilometres :D) to see it but at the end of the stroll is the “piedra agujereada”, a natural sculpture shaped by the wind, salt water and the pass of time.

Ceará beaches: Canoa Quebrada

If what you like is horse riding on the beach, surfing, trekking or simply socialize with the local fishermen in natural surroundings and with forró music (typical state music), then you must go to Canoa Quebrada which is 180 kilometres south east of Fortaleza. Its intense nightlife together with the sea breeze, beach and its spirit of good fun made The Washington Post choose this beach as one of the most beautiful in the world together with Porto Canoa, Jericoacoara and some other beaches in the area.

Canoa Quebrada / Ceará /Brasil
Canoa Quebrada

Ceará beaches: Cumbuco

Very near Fortaleza, only 35 kilometres away, is the Cumbuco beach, ideal for kitesufers as it enjoys strong winds. Cumbuco offers many leisure and fun activities and its infrastructure is good for all kinds of tourists. It’s also a babyfriendly place and good for tourists who don’t want so much adventure but want to relax and enjoy other commodities and services available.

One of its most popular attractions is the Banana lagoon, a spectacular place for motorized water sports. It’s also famous for “skibunda” which consists of going to the top of a sand mountain and sliding down on a sled and landing directly in the water.

And now, here are Air Europa’s most personal recommendations for you:

Eat:  Let’s stay at Canoa Quebrada. How about some Carne do Sol (sun-dried meat) with frijoles, rice and yucca? The best place to have lunch is at one of the big tents you can find at the Canoa beach, don’t forget!

Live: Enjoy the Capoeira’s revolving kicks on the beach after sunset at Jeri, feel the “austral” energy the locals talk about.

Love:  You can’t leave the Ceará beaches without dancing to the forró rhythm, a typical sensual dance for couples. An evening on the beach with caipirinha and music is the perfect combination to treasure forever.

Hope you are already preparing your luggage to come and visit Brazil and see yourself this spectacular destination: Ceará.

We fly to Fortaleza twice a week. You only have to decide when and from where you are flying and we will take you there. Ready? Then, bon voyage! 

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