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24 July 2019

Discover the wonders of Peru

Inca ruins, colonial cities, the vastness of the Andes, the exuberant nature of the Amazon, beautiful valleys, beaches and deserts. All this in addition to some of the best cuisine in the world and a culture that goes back thousands of years make Peru a destination that’s got it all. If you’re thinking of travelling there, we’ll help you plan your trip to this worldly paradise that’s too good to miss. Book your trip and discover the wonders of Peru!

Peru is a destination that offers something for everyone thanks to its rich variety of natural, cultural and culinary treasures. Both its capital, Lima, and its most well-known tourist destinations such as Cusco and Machu Picchu, offer visitors stunning sights and a captivating history. Come with us to discover Peru.

The Bridge of Sighs

One of Lima’smost iconic tourist attractions, and the start of many a love story, is situated in the attractive neighbourhood of Barranco. Legend has it that whoever sees the bridge for the first time and manages to cross it while holding their breath, will see their wish for love fulfilled.  

The area around the bridge is a beautiful place for a stroll thanks to its picturesque streets that lead down to the sea, where you’ll find one of the best views of Lima’s Costa Verde. Barranco also offers great restaurants that justify Peru’s reputation as a place for enjoying incredible gastronomy.

Parque del amor

The Parque del amor, or “park of love”, is located by the sea in Lima’s elegant Miraflores district. In the afternoons, it attracts couples and curious tourists who come to take in the beautiful views over the Pacific ocean.

The park, which is named as a tribute to Valentine’s Day, is surrounded by a tiled wall covered in romantic phrases by Peruvian poets. And in the middle stands a striking metal sculpture of two young lovers kissing (called “The Kiss”), by the Peruvian artist Víctor Delfín.

Plaza de armas

Also known as Plaza Mayor, this square lies at the heart of Lima’s old town. It’s home to the provincial government building, the cathedral, the archbishop’s palace, the Casa del Oidor (the former magistrate’s court and one of the oldest buildings in the city), the headquarters of the Club de la Unión association and the Government Palace, where every day at noon you can see the change of the horse guard. In the area around the square, you’ll also find a wide range of bars and restaurants that offer a delicious array of typical Peruvian food.

The Mountain of Seven Colours

In the fascinating region of Cusco, in Pitumarca, at 5,200 metres stands the majestic Vinicunca or Mountain of Seven Colours. This natural wonder with stripes of different coloured rock, surrounded by lakes with turquoise waters, is home to typical Andean fauna and beautiful mountain trails between pristine snow-covered valleys.

Thousands of tourists come to the area year-round to walk one of South America’s most stunning mountain routes, which also offers views of the imposing 6,385 metre mountain of Ausangate.


Known as “Peru’s historical capital”, this city was the geographical and political heart of the Incan Empire and offers a rich trove of historical, archaeological and architectural treasures. Every inch of Cusco is steeped in history, with a sacred energy that can be felt in its colours and smells, or when you walk down its mysterious narrow streets.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas that surrounds Cusco is dotted with villages whose origins date back thousands of years and where you’ll find numerous archaeological and cultural traces of the Incan Empire.

Machu Picchu

From Cusco you can travel to Aguas Calientes before climbing up to the breath-taking Machu Picchu. This uniquely magical mountain is the site of one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The ancient Incan citadel is situated at a height of 2,450 metres above sea level and contains 140 different structures divided into two main sectors that are open to the public: the agricultural sector, with a network of manmade walkways and terraces, and the urban sector, whose buildings and squares include the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Three Windows, the Main Temple and the Temple of the Condor. Behind the citadel stands the magnificent Huayna Picchu mountain (which is also open to the public).

Are you surprised by everything there is to see and do in Peru? Discover the wonders of Peru when you fly to Lima, from where you can easily reach all of these fantastic places. Take a look at our offers for travelling to Peru and don’t forget these must-see destinations for a Peruvian adventure.

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