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19 April 2021

Destinations to travel

Destinos a los que se puede viajar

The trending topic lately is “where can I fly?”. That is why in this article we will cover 5 destinations to which you can travel without many restrictions. In these places you don’t need to be a resident to enter and there are no quarantine restrictions. Would you like to know more? Continue reading!

Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is one of the oldest cities in the New World, hence it was the city with the first street, the first cathedral, and the first hospital in the Americas. And what to say about Punta Cana, the most popular beach tourism destination in the world. To travel to the Dominican Republic, find out here about its current regulations.


In the northeast corner of the Yucatan peninsula is this Caribbean treasure that has become one of the most touristic spots in Mexico. And not only for its fabulous beaches but also for its great hotel infrastructure.  Cancún is another destination you can travel without many restrictions, check here all the details. 


Flying to Medellín and Bogotá is now possible. Medellín is a destination full of culture, innovation and history. A charming city for its impressive mountainous landscapes, the kindness of its people and its pleasant climate. Bogotá on the other hand, stands out for its cultural life and colonial architecture. Check here the official information and/or restrictions to enter the country. 


If you don’t fancy a long-haul flight, a coastal or summer destination, you’re also lucky. The Swiss capital is perfect for you. A calm and quiet city, ideal for lovers of art and chocolate. What’s more, Zürich was elected twice as the city with the highest quality of life. If you decide to visit this wonderful city, first check Swiss entry regulations here.


The Dutch capital is another of the destinations to which you can travel without restrictions from May. Amsterdam will conquer you for its multicultural character, its blend between the traditional and the avant-garde and for its fantastic accessibility . It is a city that has everything, in an affordable size, when it comes to sightseeing. The city center can be explored on foot or with the quintessential Dutch vehicle; the bike. To visit it, check here.

We remind you that for all those destinations where PCR is mandatory, upon traveling with us you have the possibility of doing your PCR or Antigen test with exclusive benefits. Check here the available laboratories. 

You already have all the information, now you decide which of these 5 destinations you would like to visit. We wish you a pleasant journey!

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