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17 March 2021

Destinations where the sun always shines

Who is not excited to travel to an area where the weather is better than in their country of origin? Arrive tanned, relaxed and having enjoyed some wonderful days under the sun. To do this, choosing properly the destination is essential. Today we bring you 5 places where seasons don’t change. Those places where you can travel throughout the year because the sun always shines.

Canary Islands, Spain

There are many reasons why the Canary Islands are known as “the fortunate islands”. In winter, its average temperature is around 20 degrees and rainfall is very scarce. Perfect conditions for sightseeing and discovering its attractive volcanic nature. Our recommendation if you are looking for guaranteed sun is the Tenerife Island. They call it “the island of eternal summer”, this is thanks to the Los Gigantes cliffs that protect it from the trade winds.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

We will simply tell you that the water in Punta Cana has an average temperature around 27 degrees. But this destination offers much more to enjoy than just good weather, here you will find the best beaches in the Caribbean and incredible natural reserves. And all this, under a bright sun that won’t leave you for more than a few hours. Enjoyment is guaranteed all year round!

Havana, Cuba

As in the rest of the island, the climate in Havana is tropical, but it is precisely in the winter months when the heat offers a bit of relief. This is the season when its streets are even more full of life, enjoying the Cuban “son” with a temperature never below 22 degrees. Once you experience a sunset on the “malecón”, you won’t be able to forget its incredible sun.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

The archipelago of Bocas del Toro are beautiful islands on the northwest coast of Panama. The ideal place to surf on a virgin beach or to live the most incredible diving experience of your life. The Panamanian Caribbean is a perfect choice for those looking for destinations where the sun always shines. Its average annual temperature is 24 degrees.

Miami, United States

The City of the Sun is a very attractive destination throughout the year thanks to its exceptional South Florida climate. Miami is one of the sunniest cities in the United States. Its sun will accompany you in the thousands of plans this city offers: see the surfers of South Beach, stroll through ‘Little Havana’, shopping or enjoying its famous parties. Enjoy the tropic the American way!

Canary Islands , Punta Cana, Havana, Bocas del Toro or Miami. These five are destinations where the sun always shines and deserve a visit all year round. Just decide where and we will take you!

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