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13 January 2020

Ecofriendly destinations in Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil

Islas Galápagos

If your daily diet includes eating local products, your kitchen is perfectly organized to recycle plastics, glass and paper; if you prefer to use your bike rather than your car… then for sure you’re on the ecofriendly side and this article will interest you!

Ecofriendly travelling is becoming increasingly more popular as is sustainable tourism. Travellers look for responsible and environmentally friendly travelling to not harm the environment or affect local cultures. With this ecofriendly idea we want to present three TOP destinations, to enjoy in perfect harmony with nature: Caño Cristales in the Colombian Sierra de la Macarena, Fernando de Noroña in Brazil and Las Galapagos in Ecuador.

Let’s go!

Ecofriendly Journey in Colombia: Caño Cristales

Our first destination is Colombia and specifically the Sierra de la Macarena in the Meta Department. The most attractive part of this region is without doubt Caño Cristales, internationally known as “the five colours river” or “the most beautiful river in the world”. It’s a river of spectacular beauty with intense yellows, blues, greens, blacks and reds. The colours reflected in the crystal clear waters come from the indigenous aquatic plant that resurfaces in winter.

Caño Cristales en la Sierra de la Macarena en Colombia
Increíbles los colores que exhibe Caño Cristales

This region has been closed to tourism for decades due to the armed conflict with the Guerrilla. However, thanks to the current peace treaty and governmental initiatives carried out during the past years, the country has developed economically and socially. Locals have established cooperatives and distributed evenly the business opportunities. They have also trained themselves to become guides and local experts.

Important! Caño Cristales can only be visited during summer and fall, from June to December. It is closed the rest of the year so the aquatic plant, that gives the river such beautiful colours, can recover.

It’s also good to know that in order to ensure that tourism doesn’t harm the environment; it is not permitted to take non-returnable bottles or use any kind of skin creams, including sun creams. They recommend taking returnable thermos flasks and using adequate clothing as protection from the sun.

Ecofriendly journey in Brazil: Fernando de Noroña

If you look for information on Fernando de Noroña, the most recurring word you will come across is “paradise”. Rightly and without doubt, this Brazilian volcanic archipelago has all the ingredients to make it so: beautiful landscapes, dreamlike beaches, a wide variety of flora and fauna…a totally peaceful and calm place where environmental preservation is present.

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil
Un pedacito de paraíso de Fernando de Noronha

Here you can find the Baía do Sancho, considered by many (and of course by all the Brazilians) the most beautiful beach in the world. Don’t miss it, it’s marvellous, you won’t know which picture to post in Instagram.

A curious thing about Fernando de Noroña is that there is only one paved road which goes from the harbour to the airport. The rest are unpaved roads and end in one of the beautiful beaches.

Ecofriendly Journey in Ecuador: Islas Galápagos

Turtles, pelicans, sea lions, dolphins, sea horses and even sharks (that’s right!) are at an incredibly short distance from visitors in Las Galápagos. This is what makes the islands so special. There are very few places so exclusive and with such rich fauna as this archipelago Las Galápagos. They are called this because of the great amount of different turtles that live there.

This is the best destination for animal lovers, it feels like nature is embracing you, the sun seems to shine differently and nobody is afraid of anybody. The fact is that, as there are no depredators in the archipelago, this has created a special way of life and animals do not run away from you: iguanas, birds, sea lions… All the guides indicate that it’s important to be respectful and keep a “reasonable” distance from animals we find on our way.

Las Galápagos consist of 13 big islands, 9 small and about 107 islets. From all of these only four are inhabited: San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana. It’s impossible to visit these islands without seeing a large amount of species, many of which are unique in the world.

And now, here are Air Europa’s most personal recommendations for you.

Eat: An absolute must when visiting the Sierra de la Macarena and Caño Cristales is to try the mamona with yucca, potatoes, bananas and guacamole. Locals offer tourists this authentic native dish to finish off their visit, but if you really want to top off your visit, be bold and try the local schnapps.

Live: Las Galápagos, stay still and observe. Nature and animals are all around you, you’re just one more, just one small part. Animals are getting closer; they’re not frightened of you. Can you imagine such an authentic experience?

Love: Baía do Sancho is a perfect place for almost anything: reading a book, proposing marriage or just contemplating the landscape.

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The Brazilian Recife Airport is the starting point to get to the archipelago Fernando de Noroña.  There are two flights a week.

If you choose to visit Ecuador‘s most famous island, here are two options: Quito and Guayaquil, flights three times a week.

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