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31 May 2019

Discover Ecotourism in Uruguay

ecoturismo en Uruguay

Uruguay is home to a large variety of nature reserves and protected areas, which makes it the perfect destination for visitors wishing to connect with nature. Uruguay can be visited all year round, but Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, go camping or practice open-air activities.
There’s a long list of ecotourism activities available in the country, keep on reading to find out more.

Laguna Garzon 

Laguna Garzon is located along the Atlantic Coast: with just a sandbank separating it from the vast ocean, it is formed by hills and plains where nature and fauna meet. It is a unique place to enjoy ecotourism activities and observe numerous species of birds, fish and molluscs in their natural habitat.

Grutas del Palacio

Palace Cave, or Grutas del Palacio in Spanish is the perfect spot for geology,
paleontology and architecture lovers
. The caves include paintings and rock-cut sculptures described as among the finest surviving examples of ancient art, and visitors can also enjoy the sights and get a lovely view of the numerous lakes located in this geopark.  This location has been recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is one of the top-rated attractions in Uruguay.

Quebrada de los Cuervos

Quebrada de los Cuervos (Spanish for Crows Ravine) is a natural park filled with green meadows, abundant vegetation and a large amount and diversity of species. Multiple strategic viewpoints can be found throughout the park so that visitors can experience spectacular panoramic views and
appreciate hundreds of different species of birds that inhabit Quebrada de los Cuervos. Its striking gorge-shaped geography has also transformed the area into a hiking and camping favourite.

Laguna de Rocha

Laguna de Rocha is considered to be a bird-lover’s paradise: more than 200 species of breeding and migratory birds can be found here, which gave it the status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Vegetation is also very abundant in this area, where many different plant species can be seen.

Valle del Lunarejo

This area counts with a great diversity of natural environments, including different types of grasslands, forests (hill, coastal, gorge), shrublands, rivers and creeks. This natural paradise is the perfect spot for those seeking out to relax and connect with nature.

If you want to enjoy nature and the outdoors, Uruguay is the destination for you! Practice ecotourism, take in all the breathtaking sights, unwind and relax!

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