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20 April 2022

Ecuador, an incredible country wherever you look at it.


It is not difficult to guess out that its name is given because of the famous line of Ecuador, which crosses the country dividing it into the two hemispheres.

But beyond the geographic notions, let’s discover why it is a country that captivates.

But first, a little curiosity: did you know that Ecuador is so small that it has the largest number of plants and animals per square meter?

Ecuador is the land of volcanoes

The famous Volcanoes Avenue is home to more than 85 amazing volcanoes, some of them still active and the most curious thing is that you can actually access them.

Chimborazo, is the highest mountain in Ecuador with more than 6200 meters. They say that its summit is the furthest point from the center of the Earth.

Avenida de los Volcanes, Ecuador

Are you one of the braves willing to climb to its top?

The adventure begins before dawn, since the equatorial sun is very strong during the day and can cause rock and ice to fall.

Another of the volcanoes on this great avenue is El Altar. Hiking lovers climbing to its summit will be surprised to find a horseshoe-shaped Laguna Amarilla, owing its color to the volcanic rocks of the glaciers found on the slopes.

Avenida de los Volcanes

Ecuador, green that I love you green

There is a unique place in Ecuador, in what is known as the Ecuadorian Amazon, where thousands of species of trees and plants coexist, the Yasuní National Park.

Here, we can find the greatest biodiversity on Earth, being home to macaws, caimans, turtles and toucans among others.

Biosfera ecuatoriana

There are even two small native tribes, the Tagaeri and the Taromenane, who live in total isolation within this natural reserve.

Having one of the best climates on the planet thanks to its unique location. The Yasuní paradise was declared by UNESCO a Reserve of the Biosphere.

Ecuador and its Galapagos Islands

If Charles Darwin developed the Theory of Evolution here and it is where we find the largets living biology laboratory in the world, it is because os its unique biodiversity.

The Galapagos Islands are also known as the “Enchanted Islands”.

Turtles, pelicans, sea lions, dolphins, seahorses, even sharks, all live within an incredible short distance from visitors in the Galapagos.


Few places exist as exclusive and rich in fauna as the Galapagos, named for the number and variety of tortoises that inhabit the area.

This is an ideal destination for animal lovers.

But remember that you are the visitor at this natural reserve, so remember to limit yourself to observing and enjoying.

If you have also felt like enjoying these unique wonders of nature, at Air Europa we make it really easy.

Just choose the dates, the best company and we will fly you to Ecuador!

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