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The 4 must-see beaches in the Dominican Republic

13 October 2022 Travel & Destinations
Playas República Dominicana

We fly direct to the Dominican Republic so you can lose yourself in some of its best-known beaches and others that will surprise you. We love beaches, we love good weather and that’s why we ...

Autumn in Mallorca. Plans for a weekend

6 October 2022 Travel & Destinations

Autumn is a special time to enjoy Mallorca with all your senses. You have lots to choose from if you’re the type who loves history, photographing picture-postcard landscapes, seeing unique ...

Experience Panama’s marine life

6 September 2022 Travel & Destinations

September is a magic time of year in Panama, when extraordinary sea creatures visit the nature-rich, virgin shores of this Central American country. What we can’t miss: humpback whale ...

We get lost in Panama

7 July 2022 Travel & Destinations

We land in Panama, a city that radiates life, where the most cosmopolitan coexists with centenary traditions, blending into a perfect gear that simply makes you fall in love. We will put together ...

The Best Spots to Go Surfing in Ecuador

2 August 2018 Travel & Destinations
Surf en Ecuador, Montañita, playas para hacer surf en Ecuador

Discover the best surfing cities in Ecuador Ecuador has some of the best surfing spots around the world. Its golden, sunny beaches, good weather and great waves make it the perfect country for ...