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Palma de Mallorca, an ancient capital in the Mediterranean Sea

21 November 2022 Travel & Destinations

The Romans called it Palma. The Arabs, Madina Mayurqa. The locals, Ciutat. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is this city that looks out over the bay and that, over thousands of years, has ...

Buildings that will surprise you!

30 September 2022 Travel & Destinations
Edificios Sorprendentes

Every 3 of october we celebrate the World Architecture Day and for this reason today we have decided to get on board one of our Dreamliner to go visit some of the most outstanding and surprising ...

We get lost in Panama

7 July 2022 Travel & Destinations

We land in Panama, a city that radiates life, where the most cosmopolitan coexists with centenary traditions, blending into a perfect gear that simply makes you fall in love. We will put together ...

Learn about the cultural offer of the capital of Uruguay

13 August 2019 Travel & Destinations

How can such a small country have such a cosmopolitan and modern capital? Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, has found a way to unite the classic and the current, betting on culture and artistic ...