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Palma de Mallorca, an ancient capital in the Mediterranean Sea

21 November 2022 Travel & Destinations

The Romans called it Palma. The Arabs, Madina Mayurqa. The locals, Ciutat. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is this city that looks out over the bay and that, over thousands of years, has ...

Autumn in Mallorca. Plans for a weekend

6 October 2022 Travel & Destinations

Autumn is a special time to enjoy Mallorca with all your senses. You have lots to choose from if you’re the type who loves history, photographing picture-postcard landscapes, seeing unique ...

The best of the Mallorca’s northern coast

9 September 2020 Travel & Destinations
AirEuropa_Costa Norte Mallorca

If there is something good about traveling is that, in the end, you understand that the best things in life are not material. And the best of life is full of the north coast of Mallorca. So, if ...