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25 July 2019

Find out what sports equipment you can take on board

A lot of people make the most of the summer holidays to do their favourite sport, whether it be scuba diving, golf, surfing or anything else. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the things you need to know when it comes to travelling with sports equipment.

Sports equipment on board


Do you fancy yourself a Jon Rahm, or on the way to becoming one?

Equipment allowed: golf bag with clubs and shoes for walking on the green.

Included in your baggage allowance.


Whether normal skiing or water skiing is your bag, you’ll have no problems taking your equipment on your flight. Whether you’re into snowboarding, downhill skiing or water skiing, don’t worry – you’ll have no problem carrying your equipment, as your baggage allowance includes a pair of skis, a pair of poles and a pair of boots, or a snowboard and boots (for the more daring) free of charge. And if your thing is water skiing, you can also take your slalom or conventional skis with you (all properly packed and in a suitable case).

Included in the free baggage allowance.


Eugenia Bianchi once said that “you play hockey better when you feel happy”, which is why we’ll do our bit to ensure you have a happy flight! All you have to do is get the equipment ready that you’re allowed to check in: a canvas bag with your sticks and hockey kit, and prepare yourself for some fun on the pitch!

Included in the free baggage allowance.


Sea fishing is a popular sport, which many people do from the shore or beach, from piers or wharves or in river estuaries. Sea fishing, whether near the coast or deep-water, is also becoming increasingly popular.

You can take with you two fishing rods, a reel, a landing net, a pair of boots and a tackle bag, all of which can be included in your free baggage allowance.

Scuba diving

Are you fascinated by the underwater world? Air Europa will make life easy for you by helping you to carry your diving gear to your favourite destination.

Equipment allowed: diving suit, BCD, socks, mask, boots, torch (the battery needs to be packed separately and always carried in your hand luggage), nets, knife, oxygen tank (remember it should always be empty and checked into the hold) and a regulator.

It’s important to remember that to fly after diving you need to wait a sensible amount of time.

Additional cost: 75 euros

Pole vaulting

Yarisley Silva is Cuba’s national pole vaulting legend. Air Europa will take both you and your 4 or 5 metre pole to Havana.

Additional cost: 75 euros


Amsterdam is one of the top destinations for people who love cycling, where you can take in the main sights while getting some healthy exercise. Do you want to take your own bike with you? Now you can, when you fly with us! You just have to align the handlebar with the frame, remove the pedals and any accessories, let down the tyres (with the front tyre removed and attached to the frame), and you’re ready to go!  We recommend using a bike box for added protection.

Additional cost: 75 euros

Hang gliding and paragliding

Humans have always wanted to know what it feels like to fly, and if you’ve often wished you were a bird, don’t let us be the ones to stop you. You’ll need to book your equipment in ahead of time as it’s bulky and has to be carried in the hold.

Additional cost: 150 euros


Active tourism has seen an unexpected growth in popularity in recent years. Kayaking lets you enjoy the calm of the sea or the adrenaline rush of white water. Kayaks and canoes can only be carried as goods, not luggage. However, you can check in your oars if they have a total maximum length of 158 cm (62 in).


“The best surfer is the one who has the biggest smile in the water” (Nat Young).

Travel with Air Europa and enjoy the waves in the Canary Islands, Northern Spain or fantastic beaches like those you’ll find in Ecuador – a bucket-list destination for hard-core surfers. And you won’t have to worry about how to get your equipment there, as we’ll take care of that.

Windsurfing: board, mast, sale and boom.

Surfing: surfboard.

Kiteboarding: control bar, board and kite.

Don’t forget to protect all your sports equipment with suitable packaging.

Additional cost: 150 euros

We hope that’s given you a clearer idea of what you need to bear in mind before checking in your sports equipment, but if you’re still unsure about anything, just ask us!

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Alicia Ratto