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19 July 2017

How do I check in online on the Air Europa website?

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Whether you are travelling with hand baggage or checked baggage, you can reserve your seat and retrieve your boarding pass in advance to avoid unnecessary queues at the airport.

You can check in online on the Air Europa website and retrieve your boarding pass from 48 hours before and up to 1 hour before your flight departure time. However, you can also reserve your seat when your purchase your ticket  and take advantage of the special prices for advance seat reservation. Remember that for flights to or from the United States, boarding passes can only be retrieved 24 hours in advance.

This service is not available for:

  • Flights operated by other companies.
  • Passengers who have requested to travel with a pet in the cabin or who require assistance due to reduced mobility are unfortunately unable to retrieve their boarding pass in advance.
  • It is not permitted for unaccompanied minors.

What details do I need to reserve a seat and retrieve my boarding pass? Select the check-in option and enter your booking reference and surname. Choose your preferred seat based on the displayed priced, or alternatively opt for random seat selection and you will be assigned a seat for no extra charge.

Passengers with a Silver, Gold or Platinum SUMA card can choose their seats on all flights completely free of charge.

How do I reserve an XL seat with extra space? Our aircrafts feature XL seats which offer more space and comfort when flying. XL seats are usually located by the emergency exits and at the front of the cabin. They are can be differentiated from the other seats on the cabin seating map by their red colour. I want to reserve XL seats.

Passengers who have aSilver, Gold or Platinum SUMA card can select an XL seat for free on all flights up to 48 hours before departure.

However, from 48 hours before departure, XL seats will include a reservation fee, except for  Platinum SUMA members, who will not be charged on domestic and European flights.  For long-haul flights, Platinum members will enjoy a discount on XL seat reservation.

How do I generate my boarding pass? Once your seat has been assigned, you can generate your boarding pass by selecting to print, send to your mobile phone, or  save as a digital ticket in iOS and Android applications such as Passbook and Wallet.

All of these formats include a QR code which will read by ticket scanners at airport security control.

If I am taking checked baggage, do I have to queue up at the check-in desks if I already have my boarding pass? We make it easy for you by providing desks specifically for dropping off your checked baggage. You can easily identify these desks as the screen above will say Drop Off.

If you have purchased a LITE fare, which does not include hand baggage, and you now need to check in baggage, you can do so here.

Don’t forget that to receive real-time notifications for your flight via Twitter you can subscribe to your flight on our website when you generate your boarding pass, or directly via a DM in Twitter. You will receive information about the check-in desk, departure gate and baggage reclaim belt for your flight. More information on real-time flight notifications via Twitter.

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  1. DANIELA says:


    1. Air Europa UK Air Europa UK says:

      Hola Daniela, efectivamente puedes hacer el check-in en el aeropuerto sin coste alguno, aunque si optas por el check-in online evitarás colas. Un saludo!

  2. Jorma Kasanova says:

    Cannot continue from the page where u check the passengers in. It only says “there was an error with this operation”. You cannot checkin in from that bad app if you have connecting flight? Help


    Can not check in online for my tomorrow flight (Malaga-Paris), once collected all my info, I arrive on a page which says that’s there is a problem and it can’t go to the next page but doesn’t say why and I can’t do nothing more.

    Would be great to be able to check in before my departure… Thanks for your help.

    1. Eva María Gomez Gomez Eva María Gomez Gomez says:

      Hello, please contact with our costumer service calling to 911 401 501 or also you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. They would be delighted to help you. Thank you.

  4. Juan says:

    I’m totally disappointed with the fact that I must queue up as a passager that didn’t procede with the online check in. At the Munich airport there is no baggage drop off possibility, contrary to the information I got in the email confirmation. Please check this out!

  5. A apps says:

    Do not use this company!! Especially if you are connecting through Madrid. Totally disorganised, the connecting times are often to short and the connecting flight is probably in another terminal 20 minutes walk away. If you do get a problem!! Forget it they don’t care.
    Best advice is use Someone else
    I am now in process of taking legal action

  6. Ailiuj says:

    Nunca antes en mi vida habia atendido que pagar 150 dollars por maleta

  7. Ailiuj Hernandez says:

    Hola estoy tratando hace 48 hrs de pagar el equipaje extra por el website de air Europe y es impossible, volando de miami a Rome pagamos 150 dollars por cada maleta y somos 5 personas

  8. Paula says:

    Hello. I have a flight from Bogota to London with a stop in Madrid. Do I need to do a double check in? The tickets that I got after I did the check in just say from Bogota to Madrid, which confused me. Thank you.

  9. Patricia says:

    Lo mismo me pasó, reservé y pagué asientos para un vuelo largo, no es low cost, Buenos Aires Madrid Buenos Aires, y me quieren cobrar el asiento para la vuelta…no me parece….

    1. Air Europa UK Air Europa UK says:

      Hola Patricia, te puedes poner en contacto con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente a través de nuestros perfiles sociales de Facebook o Twitter. Nuestros compañeros te atenderán encantados si les facilitas tus datos y localizador. Un saludo!



    My name is Marian Iulian Scripca, and I bought a round ticket Madrid – Palma de Mallorca on October 21st, confirmation RSDNY4. For this ticket I already payd for the seats.

    Now I want to check in for tomorrow flight UX6901 from Madrid to Palma, but I’m told that I don’t have allocated any seat and if I need one I have to pay again.

    WHY??? And what toproceed to succeed making the check in online?


    Marian Iulian Scripca
    SUMA CARD 9114965958

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