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18 February 2021

How to enjoy rural tourism

disfrutar del turismo rural

Rural tourism is one of the traveling trends more in fashion over the past years and it is, for sure, an interesting alternative for everyone. It is a sustainable, healthy, safe and enjoyable way of traveling. To enjoy it 100%, read carefully our tips on how to enjoy rural tourism. Here we go!

Many believe that rural tourism is limited to spending a few days surrounded by mountains, orchards and animals. But rural tourism is much more, it is way of traveling to preserve and promote our natural heritage. There are many destinations to discover and enjoy it to the fullest. But it’s critical to understand how.

Get in touch with nature

Rural tourism is fantastic to enjoy the animal and natural surroundings of the area. The best way to do it is booking an accommodation where you can enjoy nature at all times like at a country house, camping or glamping. The last one is our personal favourite and probably the least known.

Glamping is the perfect way to live with nature without sacrificing comforts or having to resort to traditional camping. How? In beautiful houses built in trees of lost and mysterious forests, in yurts (homes of Mongolian nomads) where you can spend a few days apart from humanity, or even in African fairy tale tents in the middle of the desert.

Shift your mindset, the key to enjoy rural tourism

Shift your mindset and change your holidays, you can enjoy and relax in environments much closer and totally unknown. Leave your usual requirements aside. Electric appliances, internet connection or processed food can be replaced by the birdsong, horseback riding and fresh and natural food. Try it out and tell us about it, you will love it for sure.

Respect the environment

Respect the cultures and customs of the local communities you visit. Rural areas typically have low levels of human activity. So, they are low-noise environments, with low contamination levels and hardly any light pollution. Therefore, it is essential to be very respectful. These are the tips that you should not forget:

-On the road, respect the cattle crossing signs and slow down.

-Don’t use the horn, the sound may scare or disturb the animals.

-Always buy local produce.

-Try not to leave any litter in the field and collect all your waste.

Enjoy the activities

One of the best ways to enjoy rural tourism is through activities in the natural environment. Here are some ideas:

-Hiking routes on foot, on horseback or by bicycle.

-Guided visits to historical sites in the area.

-Adventure sports such as bungee jumping, rafting or climbing.

Finally, these are our favourite destinations to enjoy rural tourism around the world: Isle of Wight (Great Britain), Tuscany (Italy), San Javier (Uruguay), Picos de Europa (Spain), Durbuy (Belgium), Selva Lacandona (Mexico) and Sierra de la Macarena (Colombia).

These are some of the different options where tourism, sustainability and nature blend for the enjoyment of the traveller. But there are so many rural roads to travel, as personal preferences and tastes. So, you decide.

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