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7 June 2019

Introducing “Piel de Atún”

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Most of what the oceans and seas do for us is invisible. They regulate the climate, supply half of the planet’s oxygen and absorb much of the carbon dioxide generated by humans. Climate change and ocean warming continue on an upward slope and the changes are beginning to become clearly evident.

And talking about evidence, did you know that tuna skin is a good indicator of ocean health? Tuna is a migratory fish that crosses the oceans from the North Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Its skin offers a good way of measuring the condition of the seas and oceans it crosses and therefore the health of our planet.

And tuna skin, “Piel de Atún” in Spanish, is the name of a movement to raise awareness and speak out against climate change and the loss of marine life. Last month we had the pleasure of working with them at their event in Cádiz – a four-day summit where we shared our knowledge with a broad international community concerned about climate action and marine life.

It was a great pleasure to act as the official airline for this event organised by “Piel de Atún” in Cádiz. Over the four days, 100 speakers, more than 150 companies, over 30,000 attendees and a diverse range of expertise came together to talk about the causes of pollution and the measures that can be taken, adding their grain of sand to a cause which is becoming ever more pressing by the day.

At Air Europa, we are firmly committed to this fight. Thanks to our renewed fleet, we take care of the skies, and thanks to agreements like the one with “Piel de Atún”, we help to care for the oceans.

Eva María Gomez Gomez