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14 August 2019

Keys for relaxing during the flight

15 August is the International Relaxation Day. Today we live in a society with a fast pace of life that forces us to run everywhere and that makes travelling the perfect opportunity to disconnect and get out of the routine. Today we propose to you some keys for relaxing during the flight and for you to enjoy your trip to the utmost. We give you a list of recommendations! Take note.

Get your suitcase ready, firm up your travel arrangements… There are many people who live the moments right before their vacation very intensely. Today, on International Relaxation Day, we want to take the opportunity to give you some tips that will help you relax before and during the flight.

If you don’t normally practice yoga or meditation, this might be the time to try it. It will help you prepare your mind and start the journey with less stress.

– Avoid unforeseen events before traveling. Plan in advance your trip to the airport and get there in time. Have all the necessary documents ready, such as passports, visas, etc. and put in your carry-on all the distraction materials you need for the trip: music, books, magazines, movies, games, etc.

Think about what will make you feel most comfortable: the window to admire the view, the aisle to get up easily or maybe the XL seats with more legroom. Book your seat in advance and if you are also a customer in our Air Europa SUMA program and you are flying in Economy Class, find out more about how to enjoy Business Class at a very special price.

During the flight

You have gotten to the plane and the moment of take-off. For some people it becomes more than just the beginning of the flight and causes some anxiety. But don’t worry, because for this moment we also have some keys to relax during the flight.

– Enjoying music, movies or magazines is one of the best options. In our aircraft you have an extensive entertainment and streaming service, with large amounts content and the latest new series.

– Getting up every few hours during long flights allows us to stretch our legs, reactivate circulation and, along with it, our mind.

– There are people who have no problem falling asleep during the flight. If, on the other hand, you are one of the people who can’t sleep, use these breathing techniques and you will see how it is easier for you.

  • Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds
  • Hold this air in your lungs for 7 seconds
  • Exhale little by little, not taking more than 8 seconds

Remember: closing your eyes, breathing deep and counting your breaths, makes relaxation easier.

Think about your destination, you’re on a trip!

  • Keep your concentration by  thinking of a pleasant image, such as the destination you are going to, or what you will do when you arrive. These thoughts will keep you away from other negatives which are what prevent you from relaxing.
  • Practice exercises for muscle relaxation: move your head circularly from left to right, and horizontally from side to side; move your shoulders up and down, turn them back and forth, etc.

All of these exercises are the keys to relaxing during your flight and will definitely help you on your trip. Are you up for trying them out?

Alicia Ratto