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13 August 2019

Learn about the cultural offer of the capital of Uruguay

How can such a small country have such a cosmopolitan and modern capital? Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, has found a way to unite the classic and the current, betting on culture and artistic expression. The Uruguayan capital offers all visitors a multitude of proposals. See the cultural offering of Uruguay’s capital. Welcome!

At the south of this small country we find its capital, Montevideo, a city in which more than 60 percent of the total population of Uruguay is concentrated. Although it was originally founded by the Portuguese, throughout its history it was the Spanish, French, English, Indian tribes and Bantu slaves who defined what Montevideo would be in the future: a mixture of cultures, styles and personalities.

Architecture and its legacy

Due to the large amount of immigration of Europeans, in the old core of the Old City facades can be seen with clear influences of old European architecture. Neoclassical, colonial, postmodern, styles and even some of the latest works of local engineering. The clearest example is the Teatro Solís, inaugurated in 1856. It is one of the most important stages of the country and emblem of its capital.

Cultural offering

Music, theatre, cinema, visual arts, dance, literature, photography…, Montevideo’s cultural offering is endless! You can plan your trip and choose how to discover it. Street activities, beautiful museums like the Museo Juan Manuel Blanes, or modern options such as the National Museum of Visual Arts or the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montevideo, are added to local concerts and events that are held throughout the year.

The colours and sounds of Montevideo

If you make your way to Barrio Reus you will find colonial house facades that are painted in different colours. Another day, stroll through the streets of Ciudad Vieja, and you will feel that the colours of urban art envelop you with that special charm that characterises Montevideo. Look up and you’ll always find art and colour.

Painting and music go hand in hand in this city of the Río de la Plata. Every Sunday many of its streets are flooded with “the sound of drums” to the rhythm of candombe. The instruments stand out because many of them are decorated with designs that recall the style of the Uruguayan painter Joaquín Torres García.

See the cultural offering of Uruguay’s capital. Montevideo, the city located on the south of the south, wants to share with you its cultural heritage and its more modern works.

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Alicia Ratto