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5 August 2022

Travel, live, love.

Travel, live, love is the leitmotif and title of the book by Laura Vázquez, an inveterate traveller who also directs the Fundación José Ramón de la Morena, wich defends the positive values of sport.

For Laura Vázquez always liked travelling, but her routine made it difficult.

However, when she was just 30 years old, she decided to abandon everything and go out and fulfil her dreams.

Laura Vázquez Perú

Question: You start the book explaining the decision that changed your life. What did the trip mean for you?

Answer:  As while I was travelling I experienced the freedom to reinvent myself.

Q: What have you learnt after travelling all over the world?

A: Not to make judgments, let things flow, place more importance on what I’m experiencing at the time, look after myself with limited resources and enjoy being alone.

Q: Do you live to travel or travel to live?

A: No, I don’t live to travel. Travelling makes me feel alive. It’s just another way to enjoy myself.

Q: How do you plan your trips and how long does it take you?
A: Improvisation is a characteristic of my trips, although I always plan the essential.

Laura Vázquez, Egipto

Q: You have been alone for the mayority of your trips. Is having company a nuisance when you travel?

A: No, it’s not a nuisance but sometime it’s a burden. It’s not easy to find someone who wants to do a trip with me on a low budget.

Q: Out of all the places you have visited, which one made you feel the most excited and why?

A: Iran surprised me because of the admirable hospitality of its people.

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