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6 August 2019

Medellín dazzles at the Flower Festival

Medellín, known as “The city of eternal spring”, dresses up with the most beautiful flowers to celebrate the 62nd version of the Flower Festival. From 2 to 11 August gastronomic festivals, horse shows, concerts, bus parades stairs called “chivas”, and the traditional Silleteros (flower growers in typical costumes carrying chairs on their shoulders) parade are some of the events that will take place in our new destination. Come to Colombia and you will see how Medellín dazzles at the Flower Festival.

Located in the northeast of the country, Medellín is recognized as a modern and innovative city that keeps its traditions rooted. As such, each year it celebrates one of the most representative parties in Colombia: the Flower Festival. During the first two weeks of August, the paisas (as the residents of Antioquia are called) and the Coffee Axis region celebrate a party in which they revere their roots, nature and rural culture. On these days the city fills with the most beautiful flowers grown in the region to welcome thousands of visitors and locals.

1957: The start of the Flower Festival

With more than 300 events during the 9 days of the festival, the National Festival of the Trova stands out. The trova is a traditional couplet from Antioquia consisting of improvised verses, and the most loved and recognized Silleteros ParadeIn 1957 when the first Flower Festival was celebrated, 40 silleteros of the township of Santa Helena, very close to Medellín, to present their artistic works. Today, 500 participate, who parade along the Avenida del Río with their flower displays on their shoulders in a show like no other.

Where does the tradition of the flower displays come from?

Since colonial times, the farmers from the township of Santa Helena went down to Medellín with their flowers and vegetables in tow to sell them in the city’s markets. This tradition became rooted and developed with an artistic sense. Today, the silleteros create structures more than 1.5 meters and weighing about 120 kilograms, beautiful works with hundreds of flowers they have grown themselves. Year after year they wait for the last Sunday of the Festival to present their works of art in the parade and compete for first place.

Today we have brought you closer to Colombia, specifically to Medellín, the new destination of Air Europa. With three flights per week, you can fly direct from Madrid to Medellín, and with connections from other European cities.

Check our offers to travel to Medellín! Organize your trip and do not miss this festival of color and art. Medellín dazzles with the Flower Festival. Colombia awaits you.

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