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18 December 2018

Air Europa: Most Efficient European Airline Network in the World

Dreamliner, Air Europa

Air Europa is the world’s most efficient European airline network according to the latest Atmosfair report. This report, which is published by the German environmental organisation every year, ranks the 200 largest airlines in the world based on their climate efficiency (CO2 emissions by transport service).

The 2018 Atmosfair report also ranks us third most efficient airline network in the world, thus highlighting Air Europa’s strong environmental commitment. Similarly, Air Europa Express also gained second place in the ranking of the most efficient regional companies in the world, and is in first position at European level.

Atmosfair publishes the annual report with the aim of making climate efficiency a factor of competition while raising awareness among the passengers. The results highlight the efficiency of Air Europa’s fleet, as well as its 5% improvement in the efficiency index, compared to the previous year.

We champion the most efficient flights on-board our Dreamliner fleet, which reduces its acoustic impact by 60%, consumes 20% less fuel and generates fewer emissions that any other similar-sized aircraft. The company’s commitment to the most efficient fleet will be reinforced in 2019 with the arrival of the first B737 MAX, which will boast an exceptional performance in addition to the many other actions that we carry out to confirm our positioning as a sustainable airline.

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