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29 November 2019

New eco-friendly Comfort Kit on Business Class

Air Europa removes all plastic from the new Amenity kit, which offers a set of organically sourced cosmetic products.

Air Europa has been inspired to offer its Business Class customers a new Comfort Kit which removes all plastic packaging, instead opting for recyclable and eco-friendly materials, in order to improve the customer experience from an environmental standpoint. This new Amenity kit will lead to an annual reduction in plastic waste of 1000kg by the airline.

High quality materials

Starting this month, all Air Europa Business Class passengers travelling on transoceanic flights will receive the new Comfort Kit. Made with the highest quality materials, this kit is the perfect companion to enjoy a more comfortable, pleasant trip. It can even be reused once the trip is over!

The new Business Class kit, supplied by Kaelis, includes various items that improve passenger comfort, in addition to a set of environmentally certified cosmetic products from The Rerum Natura brand, manufactured by GFL SKIN CARE.

The international official body Ecocert has accredited the cosmetic products at its highest level for organic products, “Cosmos Organic”. This accreditation oversees the entire production and packaging process, and ensures that all raw materials used meet its most stringent quality standards. In addition, this seal of approval both confirms and ensures the percentage of natural and organic ingredients that appear on the labelling of the brand’s products.

The selection of cosmetic products, facial cream, hand cream and a moisturising and revitalising gel for tired legs are packaged in stand-up pouches. These pouches are sustainable as they provide significant CO2 savings throughout their life cycle.

The new Comfort Kit is yet another of the many different measures that Air Europa is implementing in order to become the force of change that leads the technological and environmental advances demanded by society. With regard to the reduction of plastics on board, Air Europa already uses glassware and cutlery made from glass and metal, as well as reusable tablecloths and cloth napkins. Currently, several additional reports are being carried out to support the implementation of new initiatives aimed at restricting the use of plastics on board.

Alicia Ratto