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5 October 2018

New Streaming Service on Short and Medium-Haul Fleet

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As part of the ongoing work in modernising its fleet with the latest technology, Air Europa has now installed and commissioned a free streaming service across all short and medium-haul services. This cutting-edge technology allows passengers to view TV series, games, news and destination content on their own device. Keep on reading to find out more about this brand new service, for the most enjoyable flying experience.

The service, which is already available on transoceanic routes, has been rolled out across the fleets’ 21 Boeing 737-800s and most of the 11 Embraer 195s that service Air Europa’s domestic and European routes. Ultimately, the new technology will be installed across rest of the Embraer fleet.


Air Europa has implemented this new streaming mode in order to be able to share a whole range of content, from themed channels, games and destination information, to passengers completely free of charge.

Passengers can follow these three simple steps in order to benefit from our new on-board entertainment system:

  • Activate flight mode on your device
  • Connect to the “Air Europa On The Air” Wi-Fi network
  • Access  with your device


Once on the homepage, passengers are free to explore the range of games, TV series, news, destination information and even book activities for their upcoming trip on their own phone or tablet. This new service aims to provide passengers with an extensive range of content across platforms: the entertainment category, for instance, includes national and international news, as well as culture and sports shows. Interested in photography or travel tips? You can now sit back, relax, and watch YouTubers such as Mystic Blue, and if cooking is your thing, Sandy’s Kitchen channel has you covered with plenty of simple recipes!


We have also included a variety of series to stream, such as Glee, New Girl, and the hilarious Homo Zapping, as well as content for the youngest members of the family through the LooLoo Kids channel. This includes songs in English for children and games such as Sudoku, chess, and the legendary Tetris and Connect 4.


In addition, this new service allows our passengers to find out more about the country they’re travelling to and the activities available on site, as well as the possibility to book them directly from the plane. Currently, Air Europa provides its passengers with a library which includes up to 82 videos of different destinations in order to assist with the holiday planning.


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