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11 October 2019

Prepare your luggage for flying with Air Europa

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Packing is one of the most important parts when it comes to planning your trip! Wondering what to pack? Unsure about your baggage allowance? We have put together the ultimate packing list in order to help you pack in the most efficient way for a stress-free vacation.

Plan your trip and pack your bags

Check your travel documents for more information on how much luggage you can bring when travelling with Air Europa. If you wish to get in touch with us for further information, you can contact our Call Centre (+34 911 401 501) or reach us via Facebook or Twitter.

Cabin Baggage

For security reasons, passengers must carry portable electronic devices powered by lithium batteries (mobile phones, tablets, chargers, etc) and spare batteries in the cabin. We also recommend bringing on board basic necessities such as medicines, keys or baby food.

All passengers travelling in Economy Class with Air Europa must meet the maximum measurement standards, that is 55x35x25, or a combined linear measurement adding up to 115cm. You can check the most up-to-date information here. Passengers on code-share flights or connecting with a different airline will also be subject to the luggage policy of the operating airline.

It is compulsory for liquids to be transported in individual 100 ml containers inside a sealed bag, which should not exceed the maximum limit of 1000 ml per person.

Hold baggage

The maximum measurement standard for hold luggage is a combined linear measurement adding up to 158 cm. This also applies to other items such as boxes or parcels. Keep in mind that weight restrictions apply: your luggage cannot exceed 32 kg.

You can bring all kinds of items with Air Europa:

Is there anything I cannot check in the hold?

Keep in mind that certain objects are not allowed on board, and the same applies to luggage in the hold.

Depending on customs regulation at the airport of destination, some of the contents in your luggage will not be accepted. For this reason, it is important to check for prohibited items in checked baggage in advance. For instance, passengers flying to the United States should look up the prohibited and restricted items and check the rules for travelling with food. Special foodstuffs such as baby food, however, can be transported in your hand and hold luggage.

Luggage allowance by fare basis

Currently, Air Europa has multiple fares with different baggage allowances, please check our baggage allowance policy before departure.

Travelling with pets

Thinking of taking your pet on your next overseas trip? Make sure you plan ahead, as multiple requirements must be met. For instance, since 1st November 2019, only cats and dogs will be allowed on board long-haul flights, both in the cabin and in the hold. Please check our website for further information or contact us if you have any questions. Keep in mind brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds are not allowed to travel with Air Europa.

Each country has its own specific regulations regarding the entrance or exit of animals flying from/to the European Union. Please check the documents required with the local authorities.

We hope to have answered most of your questions and look forward to seeing you on board! 

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