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Why do we get jet lag?

22 January 2020 + Europa

Whether you travel around the world for business or pleasure, you will almost certainly have suffered at some point from the dreaded jet lag,  a term that means that our normal schedule has been altered. Jet lag is actually caused by an imbalance between our internal clock and the new time zone that we find ourselves in. What’s more, the effects of jet lag depend on whether we fly west or east.

10 Tips for Travelling Alone

21 January 2020 Travel & Destinations

Travelling alone may seem a little daunting; some people think it must be boring, while others believe solo travel is only for adventurous people but the truth is more and more people are embarking on this adventure. Are we losing our fear of doing things alone, or is travelling solo simply a way of challenging ourselves? If you plan on traveling by yourself soon, here are our top 10 tips to make the most of your travels. Keep on reading!

Ecofriendly destinations in Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil

13 January 2020 Travel & Destinations
Islas Galápagos

If your daily diet includes eating local products, your kitchen is perfectly organized to recycle plastics, glass and paper; if you prefer to use your bike rather than your car… then for sure you’re on the ecofriendly side and this article will interest you!

Travel to Iguazu: much more than just Falls in a red soil landscape

28 December 2019 Travel & Destinations

On your trip to the Iguazu Falls, one of the World’s Natural Wonders, don’t forget to visit La Garganta del Diablo. Of course not!  It’s a unique experience you’ll never forget. In this article we want to help you with your trip to that red soil land, Misiones, and give you some tips that will make it unforgettable.

Let’s go!

Location: Misiones, Argentina
Currency: Argentine peso
Language: Spanish

If you’re reading this article because you’ve decided to visit Iguazu and you’re looking for information on the falls, here is a link that will lead you to detailed information of the park, available trails and the best time and dates to visit. We recommend you keep reading!  The Misiones province also has other hidden wonders you can visit during your trip to the most spectacular falls on earth (please forgive us Niagara Falls…)

Travel to Panama: don’t miss their incredible beaches

19 December 2019 Travel & Destinations
Viaje Panama

When you go to Panama remember your flip flops and swimming costume. Panama has incredible white sand deserted beaches, kilometres long, to just walk and linger… after a visit to Panama you wouldn’t be the first to feel your life has changed! We don’t want to go that far, but we do want to mention some of the beaches you shouldn’t miss on your trip.

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