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2 December 2019 Travel & Destinations

Sao Paulo and its cuisine are a perfect tandem to consider when planning your trip to one of the cities with most attractions within Brazil. The city offers more than fifteen thousand restaurants and twenty thousand bars. We can confirm without mistake that the gastronomy itself is an intrinsic part of Sao Paulo’s official cultural activities

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New eco-friendly Comfort Kit on Business Class

29 November 2019 Sin categoría @en

Air Europa removes all plastic from the new Amenity kit, which offers a set of organically sourced cosmetic products.

Air Europa has been inspired to offer its Business Class customers a new Comfort Kit which removes all plastic packaging, instead opting for recyclable and eco-friendly materials, in order to improve the customer experience from an environmental standpoint. This new Amenity kit will lead to an annual reduction in plastic waste of 1000kg by the airline.

Connecting AI with the customer experience

29 November 2019 + Europa

The tourism group Globalia participated today via Air Europa in the third edition of LUCA Innovation Day, Telefónica’s data and Artificial Intelligence department for the corporate sector, where the multinational telecommunications company presented its new products and Artificial Intelligence-based services for companies and all types of organisations.

Travel to Sao Paulo: the essence of nature of Sao Sebastiao’s island

21 November 2019 Travel & Destinations
Ilhabela, Sao Paulo

When preparing a trip to Sao Paulo you can get easily overwhelmed by so many things to do. Sao Paulo is one of the biggest metropolis in the world with more than twenty two million inhabitants, six million vehicles causing incredible traffic jams and a never ending night life.  All of this makes Sao Paulo one of the few cities that never sleeps, active 24/7. Although the city is a very attractive place to visit, we’ll focus on the natural side of Sao Paulo, bringing you a winning proposition: Ilhabela, Sao Sebastiao’s island.

Travel to Sao Paulo… ¡samba!

Discover Iguazu National Park with Air Europa

29 October 2019 Travel & Destinations

The Iguazu Falls, located in Iguazu National Park, are Iguazu River waterfalls, bordering both Argentina and Brazil, and named one of South America’s Natural Wonders of the World. Starting August 2019, visitors will be able to fly to Iguazu (Argentina) with Air Europa to experience the vision of the 275 waterfalls bursting into a torrent of crystal-clear water, before flowing down a cliff in the Paranaense forest – an absolute must-see!