Palma de Mallorca, an ancient capital in the Mediterranean Sea

21 November 2022 Travel & Destinations

The Romans called it Palma. The Arabs, Madina Mayurqa. The locals, Ciutat. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is this city that looks out over the bay and that, over thousands of years, has seen Romans, Arabs and kings come and go, and even pirates! Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the largest of the Balearic Islands, the walled city that will take you back in time.

Everything is ready and we can continue enjoying the weekend plan that we started in the villages of Mallorca. Today we’re visiting its capital, Palma de Mallorca. Let’s begin!

Air Europa, the official airline of the Meninas Madrid Gallery

15 November 2022 + Europa

This year, Air Europa is taking part in the fifth edition of the Meninas Madrid Gallery as an official airline. Two of the Meninas, measuring 1.8 metres, have been made by Antonio Azzato, artist and creator of the urban project. One of them can be found in Plaza de Callao and depicts a flight attendant over the Madrid skyline. The other, located at the intersection of calle Fuencarral and calle Augusto Figueroa, has been designed to feature images of planes, accompanied by the names of some of the destinations to which the company flies.

Meninas Madrid Gallery is a unique exhibition, in which the Meninas, as painted by Velázquez, are reinvented and taken to the streets to integrate with the capital’s citizens in the world’s largest outdoor exhibition. This street museum, promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Business Trade Association of Textiles and Accessories, will take to the main streets of the city until 15 December.

With its participation, Air Europa confirms its commitment to fundamental values such as diversity, plurality, and to Madrid as a global connection hub.

Argentina, much more than Buenos Aires

10 November 2022 Travel & Destinations

We are touching down in Buenos Aires, but our destination this time will be different. On this occasion we are leaving the Argentine capital behind to embark on a long journey through the eighth largest country in the world.

Ready to discover a country full of contrast? The only thing that we need is time as touring Argentina from north to south and east to west is going to take us a few weeks.

But let’s not waste any more time and get started on our route through this country that has so much to offer.

The paradise of Los Secretos

28 October 2022 + Europa

They have savoured the taste of success, but without stuffing themselves. Not that they need to. With over 40 years’ experience behind them, Los Secretos have proven that their sound survives trends, crises and even the death of one of its members, the legendary Enrique Urquijo. Ever since then, his brother has been the leader of a band with a distinctive style that is back with a new album (Mi paraíso – My Paradise) and a new tour (Recuperando las emociones – Recovering Emotions) that will tour Spain and South America, accompanied by Air Europa.

Air Europa, towards a sustainable future 

28 October 2022 + Europa

Our road map has us on a destination we have been working on for years: a sustainable future. For a long time now, we have been committed to making changes to our processes that allow us to be more sustainable and to fly towards a green future

At the end of each year, we analyse the results and define the keys to making sure that Air Europa is flying towards a sustainable future every day.  Today, we’ll tell you what we’re doing to achieve that.