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Air Europa is the first airline to implement Amadeus’ digital health verification for passengers

27 April 2021 + Europa
digital health verification

Air Europa is the first airline to pilot Traveler ID’s health capability, which allows passengers to certify they have the required health documentation at check-in without having to leave the ...

Destinations to travel

29 June 2021 Sin categoría @en
Destinos a los que se puede viajar

One of the most common questions these days is “where can I fly to”? Here’s a look at five top destinations you can visit with little restrictions or special requirements right now. ...

Dominican Republic among the safest destinations to travel

19 April 2021 Travel & Destinations
República Dominicana entre los destinos más seguros para viajar

That the Dominican Republic is the second largest and most diverse country in the Caribbean, stands out for the kindness of its climate and the hospitality of its people, has an extraordinary ...

Destinations where the sun always shines

17 March 2021 Travel & Destinations

Who is not excited to travel to an area where the weather is better than in their country of origin? Arrive tanned, relaxed and having enjoyed some wonderful days under the sun. To do this, ...

The 5 most curious airports in the world

8 March 2021 Travel & Destinations
Los 5 aeropuertos más curiosos del mundo

Flying is a very exciting experience in itself. The moments before the trip, the unsurpassed feeling of taking off and the excitement we feel when landing. But, if our journey begins or ends at ...