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How do airplanes fly?

6 April 2022 Entering the Runway
Dreamliner Air Europa

If you have seen airplanes taking off from an airport or if you have flown in one of them, you may think that it is a simple question. The answer, however, is not so. Surprisingly, it has ...

Sao Paulo invites us to discover its hidden corners!

28 March 2022 Travel & Destinations
Bienvenidos a Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo! We are looking forward to enjoy a destination like the largest city in Latin America and the third largest in the continent. Is it or is it not a good reason to fly Sao Paulo? If you ...

Air Europa reaches pre-pandemic occupancy levels on Sao Paulo rout

21 March 2022 + Europa
Vuelos a Sao Paulo

Air Europa has now reached pre-pandemic occupancy levels on its Sao Paulo route, which will start operating daily again from the 28th March. The positive results for this route, which has ...

Saint Patrick Day: All in to the green!

17 March 2022 Travel & Destinations
Desfile St Patrick

As in Ireland, the United States also celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17. Today New York is a party but not just any party. It`’s Saint Patrick! Do you want to know why New ...

Havana, what’s up!

16 February 2022 Travel & Destinations
Habana Car

Havana is a city full of light and endless colors. This city invites you to walk around, get lost in its alleys and get yourself flooded with its magic. In more than one of its corners you will ...