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Book Your Extra Baggage with Air Europa

28 August 2019 + Europa

Whether your fare includes luggage or not, you can easily add extra baggage with Air Europa. You will only need the locator (booking reference) or ticket number, and the last name of the person ...

Keys for relaxing during the flight

14 August 2019 Other contents

15 August is the International Relaxation Day. Today we live in a society with a fast pace of life that forces us to run everywhere and that makes travelling the perfect opportunity to disconnect ...

Learn about the cultural offer of the capital of Uruguay

13 August 2019 Travel & Destinations

How can such a small country have such a cosmopolitan and modern capital? Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, has found a way to unite the classic and the current, betting on culture and artistic ...

Skyshop, the online On-board Sales catalogue

6 August 2019 Other contents

Perfumes, cosmetics or jewellery are some of the many products that you can find in our on-board sales catalogue and that you can now buy comfortably from your home with a 20% discount. Do you ...

Medellín dazzles at the Flower Festival

6 August 2019 Travel & Destinations

Medellín, known as “The city of eternal spring”, dresses up with the most beautiful flowers to celebrate the 62nd version of the Flower Festival. From 2 to 11 ...