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Carry-on luggage, everything you need to know

2 March 2020 Sin categoría @en

Whether it’s for convenience or to save time, today’s passengers agree on one thing: taking carry-on luggage and travelling without checked baggage. Over the years everything changes, ...

The history of aeroplane food

11 February 2020 Other contents

he history of aeroplane food is unique and very interesting! Its origin and subsequent development are full of interesting facts that you may find surprising. You’ll love this story. ...

Air Europa’s new zone boarding

5 February 2020 + Europa

We’ve got news for you! From now Air Europa flights will be using a new system of boarding zones so that you can get aboard the plane quickly and comfortably. Here are all the details ...

Air Europa was among the 10 most punctual network airlines in Europe in 2019

3 February 2020 + Europa
air europa, punctual, airlines

The study was made by Cirium, a FlightStats company and leader in the analysis of flight data in real time which publishes its On-time Performance (OTP) report every year.

Ceará beaches in Brazil: journey to a natural paradise

22 April 2020 Travel & Destinations

Let’s imagine: we’re now in Brazil, caipirinha, carnivals, bikinis and good fun land. Its beaches don’t need more sand, no way! There’s plenty, it’s white and has positive energy. Keep ...