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Air Europa was among the 10 most punctual network airlines in Europe in 2019

3 February 2020 + Europa
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The study was made by Cirium, a FlightStats company and leader in the analysis of flight data in real time which publishes its On-time Performance (OTP) report every year.

Ceará beaches in Brazil: journey to a natural paradise

22 April 2020 Travel & Destinations

Let’s imagine: we’re now in Brazil, caipirinha, carnivals, bikinis and good fun land. Its beaches don’t need more sand, no way! There’s plenty, it’s white and has positive energy. Keep ...

Why do we get jet lag?

22 January 2020 + Europa

Whether you travel around the world for business or pleasure, you will almost certainly have suffered at some point from the dreaded jet lag,  a term that means that our normal schedule has been ...

10 Tips for Travelling Alone

21 January 2020 Travel & Destinations

Travelling alone may seem a little daunting; some people think it must be boring, while others believe solo travel is only for adventurous people but the truth is more and more people are ...

Ecofriendly destinations in Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil

13 January 2020 Travel & Destinations
Islas Galápagos

If your daily diet includes eating local products, your kitchen is perfectly organized to recycle plastics, glass and paper; if you prefer to use your bike rather than your car… then for ...