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Is it OK to fly after scuba diving?

25 July 2019 Other contents

A lot of people who scuba dive know that you need to wait a certain amount of time between diving and getting on a plane, but they’re not always clear about the reasons why. So we’ve set out ...

Discover the wonders of Peru

24 July 2019 Travel & Destinations

Inca ruins, colonial cities, the vastness of the Andes, the exuberant nature of the Amazon, beautiful valleys, beaches and deserts. All this in addition to some of the best cuisine in the world ...

Benefit from code-shares when flying with Air Europa

26 July 2019 + Europa

At Air Europa we want to help make your travel plans a reality, and thanks to our code-share alliances, we can offer you an extensive network of destinations. Make the most of Air Europa’s ...

Diving in Honduras, a coral reef paradise

18 July 2019 Travel & Destinations

Just off Honduras’ spectacular Caribbean coast lie the Bay Islands, a group of six main islands with a large number of small cays, making which make Honduras a paradise fordiving enthusiasts. ...

SkyTeam, 19 years taking care of you

16 July 2019 Other contents
SkyTeam, Air Europa, Aniversario, Alianzas, 19 años

This year, we’re joining in the 19th anniversary celebrations for SkyTeam. And to mark this special occasion, we want to tell you some of the reasons why SkyTeam is the best alliance to travel ...