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21 November 2022

Palma de Mallorca, an ancient capital in the Mediterranean Sea

The Romans called it Palma. The Arabs, Madina Mayurqa. The locals, Ciutat. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is this city that looks out over the bay and that, over thousands of years, has seen Romans, Arabs and kings come and go, and even pirates! Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the largest of the Balearic Islands, the walled city that will take you back in time.

Everything is ready and we can continue enjoying the weekend plan that we started in the villages of Mallorca. Today we’re visiting its capital, Palma de Mallorca. Let’s begin!

It’s autumn, the perfect time to visit Palma de Mallorca, a city that was founded in Roman times, more than 2,000 years ago. Built atop a hill lapped by the sea, on the west side, where a large avenue is now located, was the final segment of the “Sa Riera” channel, which divided the city in two for centuries.

The Cathedral and the Almudaina Palace and its gardens are located in the place where this city was founded. There is no better place to start exploring the beauty of the Cathedral/Basilica of Santa María de Mallorca, as it was originally called. It is the emblem of the city, the place where the main mosque was built in Muslim times and on which, a few years after the conquest of Mallorca, in 1229, this cathedral began to be built, a process that lasted over 300 years. If your busy schedule allows it, don’t hesitate to see it from the inside… it will leave you speechless.


Its “neighbour”, no less important, is one of the city’s two palaces. An impressive fortress from the Muslim era and a place where nobles lived for centuries. Palatial intrigue in Game of Thrones style… Albeit without dragons.

Before continuing your walk, while you take in the wonderful views of the bay, you will no doubt have noticed the huge wall. The thing is, Palma de Mallorca has been a walled city since Roman times. Your curiosity has surely led you to focus on a second wall where visitors and residents are walking. That’s another wall, built in the 17th century.


Let’s keep going, there’s much more to see. Don’t miss the opportunity to stroll around the Old Town of Palma de Mallorca. It has impressive stately homes, some with courtyards that are absolutely stunning, and above all, don’t forget to look up or you’ll miss a whole new world to discover.

Foto de Tom Podmore en Unsplash

Los Baños Árabes (Arab Baths), the Basilica of San Francesc, Santa Eulalia (the first church and the first cathedral in the city) and very close by, its town hall, where I propose a challenge: can you find a snail and a lizard on its façade?

Your weekend isn’t over yet and you’ll no doubt find some time in your tight travel plan. You can’t say that you’ve been to Palma de Mallorca without taking a break to enjoy our traditional Mallorcan pastries. A must-see, the second oldest shop in the city, founded in 1700, is Ca’n Joan de S’aigo. Their homemade ensaimadas, cuartos, hot chocolate if you’re visiting on a cold day, and their homemade almond ice cream will all make your mouth water. And it’s all in a setting that exudes history from every corner and that will take you back in time to another era.


A sweet conclusion to an intense weekend to enjoy autumn in Mallorca with weekend getaway plans. Whether it’s the villages of Mallorca or its capital, autumn offers much more than you can imagine.Air Europa, a company whose main hub and headquarters are on the island of Mallorca, will be delighted to bring you here so you can explore this paradise on earth. It’s 3,640 km2 of beaches, mountains, history and cuisine. Wherever you’re coming from, whether it’s in Spain, Europe or Latin America, Mallorca and its capital, Palmade Mallorca, are waiting for you, with Air Europa.

Pedro Sancho

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