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13 September 2019

Panama’s fascinating Coffee Route

In the west of Panama lies the municipality of Boquete, a rural area that offers a delicious product: coffee. This part of the country is home to fertile land and the Volcán Barú National Park. If you travel to this stunning country, be sure to take a visit to Boquete to enjoy a different kind of experience: Panama’s fascinating Coffee Route. Ready? Let’s go!

Geisha coffee

There are two main species of coffee: Cafeto Arabica and Cafeto Robusta, which give rise to a great number of varieties and blends that can in turn be prepared and served in many different ways. What’s special about Panamá’s coffee plantations is that the beans are grown at altitudes of between 1670 and 1950 metres, a characteristic that produces a very high-quality product. And it is these plantations that produce the world’s best coffee, “Geisha”.

Do you know where the name comes from? This original variety of coffee was discovered in the 1930s in the mountains around a village called Geisha, in the southeast of Ethiopia. The speciality can be found in a number of plantations, including Finca Elida, which has been growing coffee since 1918.

Boquete and Tierras Altas

The Chiquirí Province stands out from among the other municipalities as being the starting point of this fascinating Coffee Route. Thanks to their geographical location, Boquete, Tierras Altas and Renacimiento are perfect areas for growing and processing the beans which are then exported around almost the entire world.

This route consists of more than nine estates and plantations which you can visit to get a first-hand glimpse of their day-to-day work. You can enjoy the route at any time of year as the weather and temperature are always ideal. The Coffee Exploration Centre is another interesting attraction that will give you an insight into the history of coffee in Panama: how it was brought to the country, its characteristics and the first pioneers to produce the Geisha variety.

Continuing along the route, we come to the Hartmann estate, which sends most of its produce to the Netherlands. There, the coffee is regularly entered into competitions, and it has already garnered several awards.

If you want to explore the Volcán Barú Natural Park, we recommend a trek along the Quetzales Trail and a visit to El Tatica waterfall, the Macho del Monte Canyon and the Chiquirí Viejo river. So now you know: Panama doesn’t just mean Caribbean beaches, it also offers a wide range of cultural and natural attractions and traditions that are the perfect recipe for an extraordinary adventure.

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